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Here’s a small sampling of the media outlets that ASTA’s public relations team has provided with information to educate travelers about all the advantages of using a travel advisor and to showcase their professionalism and expertise.

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Media Coverage

The ASTA Communications team serves as travel advisor evangelists to the media, to consumers and to the world at large. 

  • CNN Says Travel Advisors are at Their Best When Travel is Most Complex

    Whether it's a pandemic, heatwaves or airline strikes, travel advisors have it handled. 

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  • Washington Post on Why Travel Industry Ethics Matter

    ASTA's logo is a seal of approval for the travel consumer. 

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  • A New Breed of Travel Agents

    ASTA worked with CBS News to develop a piece on the "new breed" of travel agents.

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  • New York Times' Things to Know When Choosing a Travel Agent

    With consumers looking to travel more than ever, New York Times gives the four things to know when choosing a travel advisor.

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  • Do People Still Use Travel Agents?

    National Geographic looks into whether or not people still use travel advisors, and the answer is a resounding yes!

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  • Why Using a Travel Advisor Will Make Your Vacations More Enjoyable

    USA Today took a closer look at the extra perks, comfort and peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted travel advisor.

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  • AARP's 4 Reasons to Hire a Travel Agent

    AARP listed four of the top reasons you need to hire a travel advisor for your next trip. 

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  • Save and Access Perks by Working with a Certified Travel Professional

    Cardrates.com looks at how working with an ASTA Verified Travel Advisor benefits travelers. 

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