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From travel tips and trends to hands-on advice from ASTA members and media coverage of the industry, here are some of our favorite stories.

  • Why Smart Travelers Need Smart Travel Agents

    Did you know that some countries require you have two full blank pages in your passport to enter and that in many countries, it’s considered rude to tip? Smart travel advisors know things that even smart travelers don’t think to ask, says Mary Ann Anderson in Forbes com. Here, she discusses what a travel advisor can do for you.

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  • Travel Advisors Are Among the Heroes Of The Pandemic

    Learn how travel advisors saved the day for countless travelers during the pandemic, getting stranded clients home from around the world as borders were closing and advocating for refunds for their clients. Meet some of the #TravelHeroes in this five-minute video.

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  • Make Your Dream Vacation Stress-Free

    With more destinations opening up, for many people the biggest travel decision has evolved from “Where can I go?” to “Where should I go first?” Travel journalist Barbara Peterson has some solid advice on how to make that exciting decision—and how to plan the hassle-free, COVID-smart, completely amazing vacation you’ve been putting off for so long


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  • Behold The Travel Comeback

    With pandemic fears and regulations subsiding, Americans are eager for revenge travel – despite inflation. But amid rising complexities and heightened demand for bucket list experiences, travel advisors are all the more of the essence, says journalist Ross Kenneth Urken.

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    Is inflation putting a dent in travel plans?  How about ongoing concerns about the pandemic? You may be surprised at the answers. Check out ASTA'S latest consumer research.

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  • Make Way For The Travel Agents. Again.

    Many travel agents are seeing an unprecedented surge of business. In fact, Covid-19 has given them new relevancy, thanks largely to the morass of constantly changing rules and restrictions that travelers must navigate, says Lauren Sloss in The New York Times.


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  • Travel Advisors Share Example Of How They Amaze And Delight Their Clients

    Travel advisors can seen a bit like magicians. They help their clients pursue their interests in very personal ways and arrange things most travelers would not even dream possible.


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  • Do People Still Use Travel Agents?

    Yes—and now they’re called travel advisors. They could be more helpful than you may think, says Elaine Glusac in National Geographic, and she has some tips on finding one that matches your travel style.

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    Americans are eager for "revenge" travel  but rising complexities make travel advisors all the more essential.  

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    ASTA advocated on many fronts for the CDC to repeal the inbound COVID testing rule, which had been standing in the way of the industry's recovery.

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  • 4 Things To Know When Choosing A Travel Agent

    These days, even the most D.I.Y.-inclined travelers are considering working with a professional travel adviser in the hopes of skipping the travel-planning stress and focusing on actually relaxing on vacation instead, says Lauren Sloss in The New York Times. She has four tips on finding the right one for you.

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    The bipartisan Employee Retention Tax Credit Reinstatement Act (H.R. 6060/S. 3625), which would allow travel agencies to staff up to meet client demand for the busy summer season, is a key priority for Legislative Day 2022. 

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    ASTA advocacy efforts defeated a Kentucky proposal to expand the state's sales taxes to travel agency services, saving the average agency $25,000 per year.

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  • 10 Reasons Why Travel Advisors Are Essential

    The reasons why travel advisors are essential part of the business and leisure travel ecosystem.

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  • ASTA Announces New Credo That Defines Members

    Complementing its mission statement, ASTA unveiled a new credo underscoring its members professionalism and integrity, reports Janeen Christoff in Travel Pulse.

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