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When you watch a television news spot or see an article in a newspaper, magazine or website about the benefits of working with a travel advisor or featuring an ASTA member or spokesperson presenting travel tips or trends, it’s likely that ASTA’s public relations team was behind it.

ASTA’s public relations and marketing team is always looking for ways to actively demonstrate the benefits of working with a travel advisor to consumers. In addition to constant proactive outreach and responsiveness to the media, ASTA organizes a National Travel Advisor Day media blitz every year and creates initiatives such as the successful “Not All Heroes Wear Capes” campaign, that highlighted the extraordinary work that travel advisors did to help their clients through the roadblocks and snares of COVID-19 travel.

A Sampling of Our


Here’s a small sampling of the media outlets that ASTA’s public relations team has provided with information to educate travelers about all the advantages of using a travel advisor and to showcase their professionalism and expertise.

Featured News

From travel tips and trends to hands-on advice from ASTA members and media coverage of the industry, here are some of our favorite stories.

  • 5 Unique Caribbean Experiences on an Emerald Cruises Luxury Yacht

    A Caribbean cruise on an award-winning Emerald Cruises Luxury Yacht offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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  • ASTA on Air Coverage from AGC 2023

    ASTA On Air was live in San Juan, Puerto Rico for ASTA Global Convention 2023. Sandra McLemore and Alle Pierce and a group of amazing guests for all the excitement surrounding AGC and Global Travel Advisor Day.

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  • Expert Social Media Advice for Travel Advisors

    For travel advisors specifically, social media provides an opportunity to highlight their expertise, connect with potential clients and show off potential destinations.

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  • Albania: The Magic Off the Well-Worn Path

    Albania is still a place where you can have the world to yourself and your own unique adventure.

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  • ASTA Congratulates Award Winners at Global Convention 2023

    The best and the brightest in the travel industry were honored both for their excellence and support of the travel industry at large.

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  • ASTA Board of Directors Elects New Executive Committee

    New Chair Jackie Friedman and other recently elected Directors will officially begin their two-year terms at the close of the ASTA Global Convention.

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  • Seven Reasons Travel Advisors Need The IATA ID Card

    IATA is offering ASTA Members 50 percent off the ID Card's Annual Fee


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  • Americans Plan to Spend Even More on Travel

    Millennial and Gen-Z consumers consider travel their top discretionary purchase this year.


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To ensure that the colossal efforts of travel advisors during the pandemic did not go unsung,  the “Not All Heroes Wear Capes”/#TravelHero public relations/marketing campaign promoted actual stories of advisors’ heroic rescues via a social media campaign and outreach to the press. The videos below are only few of many campaigns to keep travel advisors in front of the traveling public. 

Travel Advisors are HEROS

Telling your story everyday

You should be using a travel advisor

Vacations make the best memories

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