In an industry that is always changing, ASTA's training, educational programs and networking events can help travel agency professionals thrive at every level in their careers.

ASTA's educational programs can help novice travel advisors start their careers while experienced advisors can choose from a wide array of individual courses and webinars and earn certifications. Those who earn ASTA's highest level of certification, ASTA Verified Travel Advisor (VTA), gain access to referrals and other benefits. 

Are you looking for a job or trying to fill a spot in your agency? The ASTA Career Center helps match professionals with employers and provides job-hunting tips. Plus, our conferences and fam trips are renowned for their value as networking and learning events.

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Training and Certifications

A career as a travel advisor is both glamorous and demanding. As experienced advisors know, it takes a lot of knowledge and commitment to be successful. Whether you’re considering entering the industry, looking to build specific business skills, or are eager to learn the ins and outs of a specialty or destination, ASTA offers top-notch training at every level. Our premier training for experienced advisors, the Verified Travel Advisor certification program hones your skills and provides a broad perspective of the industry that enhances your credibility and helps you connect with potential clients.


    ASTA Verified Travel AdvisorExperienced advisors can hone their skills and broaden their understanding of the industry via our Verified Travel Advisor® (VTA) program. Your VTA certification tells consumers and the travel industry that you are an experienced professional with a solid knowledge base and a strong sense of ethics. Graduates receive leads to potential clients and other benefits. 

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  • Starting your career

    If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a travel advisor, check out our primer, Career Overview: Becoming a Travel Advisor. Ready to get started? Our self-paced, online course, Roadmap to Becoming a Travel Advisor, explains the basic workings of the travel industry, the tools and techniques that travel advisors use, and tips on securing your first position.  

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  • Fam Trips

    There's no substitute for experience. ASTA’s Educational Journeys are designed specifically to provide travel advisors with first-hand product knowledge and personal connections that will help you best serve your clients.

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  • Courses and Specialty Certifications

    ASTA's specialized on-line courses range from legal issues and marketing to artificial intelligence and accounting. There’s also a wide array of training and certifications with significant discounts for ASTA members on all programs.

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  • Complimentary Webinars

    Travel suppliers, destination marketers and ASTA itself offer a diverse array of webinars where you can learn everything from tips on maximizing your membership to how to work with Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP). 

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Professional Development Articles

The ASTA team has the tools, resources and knowledge to help you build your business, increase your sales and succeed as a travel advisor. 

  • Helping Your Business Thrive: Making the Most of Your ASTA Membership

    You advocate for your clients, and we advocate for you. 

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  • Interview with Delta Air Lines' Bob Somers

    Delta's Senior Vice President of Global Sales talked with ASTA about a variety of topics, including the importance of travel advisors to the industry. 

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  • Expert Social Media Advice for Travel Advisors

    For travel advisors specifically, social media provides an opportunity to highlight their expertise, connect with potential clients and show off potential destinations.

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  • American Society of Travel Advisors Kicks Off Mentorship Initiative

    The pilot program welcomes ten mentors and ten mentees for a six-month engagement.

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  • Announcing Find a Travel Advisor

    Travelsense is moving to under our new 'Find a Travel Advisor' function

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  • Selling River Cruises

    A cruise pro offers everything you need to know to sell river cruises. 

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  • Why Wave Season Matters

    Cruise lines offer some of their best deals for the coming year during Wave Season.

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  • Leveraging Emotions to Sell Travel

    ASTA's Alvin Adriano on how to connect to your clients to get them what they really need

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  • Automating Workflows

    ASTA's Alvin Adriano on how to automate the mundane you can humanize the exceptional.

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Hundreds of people have found their jobs through our career center. Whether you are an agency owner with positions to fill, a seasoned travel advisor looking to advance your career or a new entrant looking for your first job in the industry, the ASTA Career Center is here for you. Plus, our Career Learning Center offers access to helpful resources such as career coaching and resume writing.



Our in-person and online training and events are designed to help you thrive. Novices learn how to get started in the industry while experienced travel advisors can earn certification as an ASTA Verified Travel Advisor, which qualifies them for referrals and other benefits. Travel advisors also can take individual courses to stay current on travel issues, trends and specialties. Our fam trips and ASTA conferences are renowned for their value as networking and learning events and local chapters offer additional educational and networking opportunities. Plus, the ASTA Career Center provides job-hunting tips and helps match professionals with employers. Invest in yourself and take advantage of all ASTA has to offer!


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