ASTAPAC has been instrumental in building political influence for the nation's working travel advisors for more than 40 years. It is the only PAC for travel advisors and the travel agency industry and enables the travel agency community to speak with one voice in educating elected federal officials about our issues.

ASTAPAC represents the collective voice of the Society's travel advisor membership before the United States Congress. ASTAPAC funds are contributed a bipartisan manner to candidates whose views are consistent with ASTA on issues vital to the travel advisor and tourism industry. Within the last five years alone, ASTAPAC has raised over $680,000 in support of worthy, pro-travel advisor candidates.

ASTAPAC depends primarily on personal, voluntary donations from ASTA members on an annual basis. It can also accept funds from member companies, allied members and non-members but these ASTA Advocacy Fund or “soft dollars” can only be used for operational expenses and not for campaign contributions.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, ASTA’s advocacy efforts have helped members navigate the pandemic for themselves and their clients, bringing financial support to travel agencies and independent advisors, including and the first-ever unemployment benefits for independent contractors. In 2022, we fought to end the COVID-19 testing requirements for travelers flying into the U.S. from abroad that were a serious deterrent to international travel.

Our PAC underscores the Society’s aim to play a major role in the democratic political process and makes the travel agency community a recognizable force in seeking good government for the industry and the small business community. In pooling our resources, ASTAPAC creates a single voice for our priorities and effectively draws attention to the messages we send to Congress. Join the thousands of individual travel advisors who show their support for our priorities by contributing to ASTAPAC.  Contribute now!


1: ASTAPAC has been instrumental in building political influence for the nation's working travel advisors for 40 years. 

2: The ASTA Government & Political Affairs Committee oversees the annual fund-raising campaign and distribution of funds to worthy political candidates who promote a strong and healthy travel industry. Contributions to ASTAPAC are subject to the limitations of Federal Elections Commission regulations.

3: According to a Washington think tank that monitors PACs, ASTAPAC is the 7th ranking PAC in the lodging and tourism industry.

4: Contributions or gifts to ASTAPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. ASTA will not favor or disadvantage anyone based upon the amounts of or failure to make ASTAPAC contributions.

5: Your participation is what is most important. While $100 is the minimum suggested contribution, regardless of the dollar amount, every donation counts!



Political Action Committees (PACs) came onto the political scene via passage of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1974. They were created as a means of enabling special interest groups to support or oppose political candidates or legislation and are the only way a group of individuals can legally contribute to candidates for federal offices who understand the unique concerns of an industry or group. A PAC provides far greater impact collectively than would be possible through isolated, direct contributions.

PACs raise money by soliciting voluntary contributions from their employees and members and spend money by donating to political candidates. PACs may receive up to $5,000 from any one individual, PAC or party committee per calendar year and donate up to $5000 to a candidate committee or PAC per election. and up to $15,000 to a national party committee per year. PACS are heavily regulated by the Federal Election Commission and must file scheduled reports of their activities with the Federal Election Commission.

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