If you're looking for expert guidance and trip planning advice, you've come to the right place. At, you can explore new destinations, find travel tips and information from travel experts, request a trip quote and use our searchable directory to connect with the best travel advisor for you, knowing that ASTA members are held to high ethical and professional standards.

Planning a trip on your own can be stressful and time-consuming in the best of times. COVID-19 has added a new layer of complexity with last-minute flight cancelations, changes in regulations and other potential stumbling blocks. When you book your trip with a travel advisor, you’ll have a guardian angel just a phone call, text or email away, from selecting a destination until your return and instead of sifting through websites, guidebooks and social media posts, you can relax, knowing your vacation is being planned and executed by a professional.



Travel advisors are professionals with experience and expertise that encompasses the globe. They know what it takes to successfully plan a trip and to help their clients feel empowered and in the know wherever they go. Here, we share their far-ranging expertise to bring you advice on everything from traveling in the time of COVID-19 to tipping around the world.

  • Tips For Solo Female Travelers

    Lucky us. We weren’t born in an era when it was difficult, if not unthinkable, for a woman to travel on her own. If the idea of heading out on your own appeals to you, here are some handy things to know. 

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  • Traveling With Children

    Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or automobile, heading to a resort, or sailing the Caribbean, the key to traveling with kids is to keep them comfortable and entertained, which in turn ensures a less stressful, dare we say enjoyable, travel experience for parents.

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ASTA offers two easy ways to find a travel advisor: search our directory or submit a trip request. Either way, you’ll be connecting with an ASTA member, a professional advisor who is held to a strict code of ethics.

A travel advisor can handle all the logistics of your trip. Their expertise and connections will make your trip as seamless and special as possible, and they often can offer money-saving deals and suggestions. Browse our directory to find a travel advisor today. 


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Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming. Travel advisors are here to help. If you’re ready to pack your bags and you know where you want to go, submit a trip quote to connect with a travel advisor that bids on your trip quote. 

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Go places you cannot Google! Travel advisors have the knowledge and connections to enhance your trip with one-of-a-kind experiences and to smooth out any problems that might arise. Plus, they often have exclusive access to special fares and discounts. So take advantage of their expertise to create your dream vacation. But don’t just take our word for it; here are some articles by trusted journalists about benefits of hiring a travel advisor.

  • Why Smart Travelers Need Smart Travel Agents

    Did you know that some countries require you have two full blank pages in your passport to enter and that in many countries, it’s considered rude to tip? Smart travel advisors know things that even smart travelers don’t think to ask, says Mary Ann Anderson in Forbes com. Here, she discusses what a travel advisor can do for you.

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  • Travel Advisors Are Among the Heroes Of The Pandemic

    Learn how travel advisors saved the day for countless travelers during the pandemic, getting stranded clients home from around the world as borders were closing and advocating for refunds for their clients. Meet some of the #TravelHeroes in this five-minute video.

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  • The Internet Didn’t Replace Travel Advisors. Not By A Long Shot

    Eighty-four percent of consumers said they use travel agents to take the hassle out of booking travel and 85 percent said they wanted to have someone to help if things go wrong, according to a study, reports Jon Marcus in The Boston Globe.

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  • 5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent

    "While a good agent is so vital that it is simply foolish to plan a high-end trip on your own without one, they can also help travelers of all budgets," says senior contributor Larry Olmstead shares in his Forbes article "5 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Agent More Than Ever." "The major travel search sites routinely leave out flights (lots of them) and even entire airlines...many flights they display are ones you don’t want, starting with “basic economy” fares that hit you with tons of restrictions and fees, so the price you see isn’t the one you end up paying, along with connections way too short or way too long, ones that no responsible travel agent would let you book. "

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    "If your plans include traveling in the near future, you may want to consider working with a travel agent. Now more than ever, these travel pros can work their magic to help you plan your trip and keep everything running smoothly," says AAA Travel Editor Laurie Sterbens in her article "7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Advisor." She notes that while the internet has made researching destinations and booking a trip easier and more accessible than ever, the choices can be overwhelming. "Add to that the new and ever-changing travel restrictions related to the pandemic and suddenly your vacation can go from dream to dread!"

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Are you passionate about travel? If you're looking for a career with high growth and income potential, think about becoming a travel advisor. The pandemic has made consumers increasingly appreciative and aware of the benefits of working with a travel advisor so their services are more in demand than ever. ASTA is the epicenter of the travel agency industry and the first stop on your journey to exploring this exciting profession. 





Becoming a Verified Travel Advisor requires fulfilling a rigorous set of requirements that provide a deep understanding of the industry and a strong skillset.  Our most recent Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) graduates epitomize the professionalism, expertise and ethics the VTA program is known for. Learn more about the VTA program.

  • Elsa Davis, VTA

    Lambertville NJ

  • Starr Baines, VTA

    Colorado Springs CO

  • Susan Neukirch, VTA

    Austin TX

  • Amber Pietan, VTA

    North Mankato MN

  • Dr. Jasmien Lewis, VTA

    Cleveland OH

  • Desiree Jones, VTA

    Los Angeles CA

  • Cheryl Jones, VTA

    Clinton MS

  • Nadia Sparkle Henry VTA

    West Orange NJ

  • Mary Ryberg, VTA

    Virginia Beach VA

  • Amy Freyder, VTA

    Irvine CA

  • Juliet Huddy, VTA

    Huntington NY

  • Paula Rowe, VTA

    Ider AL

  • Yvonne Sala, VTA

    Herndon VA

  • Janice Sakata-Schultze, VTA

    Golden CO

  • Monique Stinson, VTA

    Katy TX

  • Adam Gilbert, VTA

    Jersey City NJ

  • Cinnamon Broceaux, VTA

    Sarasota FL

  • Blythe Asagi, VTA

    Belmont CA

  • Darby Savasta, VTA

    Mansfield MA

  • Sandra Johnson, VTA

    Lexington SC

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