Travel advisors live and breathe the issues, questions and potential roadbumps travelers face on a daily basis, so who better to turn to for advice about travel? Whether you're planning your next trip or dealing with a current issue, you'll benefit from these tips from the pros.

Travel advisors are professionals with experience and expertise that encompasses the globe. They know what it takes to successfully plan a trip and to help their clients feel empowered and in the know wherever they go. Here, we share their far-ranging expertise to bring you advice on everything from traveling in the time of COVID-19 to tipping around the world.

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Travel advisors on average, have visited more than 30 countries. We have member who have visited over a 100 countries. They know, by personal experience, what works and what doesn't. Below is a collection of travel tips. Safe Travels.

Beginning May 3, 2023, if you plan to use your state-issued ID or driver's license as your identification when you fly within the U.S., make sure it's REAL ID compliant or you won't be allowed through TSA airport security checkpoints. Here's what you need to know. Read More...

It's no fun to pack your favorite snack or shampoo in your carry-on bag and learn that it doesn't meet TSA regulations and you'll have to leave it at security. Here is a big-picture guide to airline baggage and airport security regulations to help you pack like a pro and breeze through security on your next big trip. Since regulations frequently change, make it a point to check for the most updated information. Read More...

Here’s the best advice I can give prospective cruisers, says cruise guru Carolyn Spencer Brown: Talk with a travel advisor. He or she knows the cruise lines, ships and itineraries better than you ever could and can tell you the real value of all those add-on packages. Read More...

Packing just the right amount and including items that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable is a fine art. Here are some tips from some of the world’s most frequent travelers. Read More...

Lucky us. We weren’t born in an era when it was difficult, if not unthinkable, for a woman to travel on her own. If the idea of heading out on your own appeals to you, here are some handy things to know. Read More...

When we asked ASTA travel advisors for their guidelines on hotel tipping, they emphasized that tipping is very much a personal decision.  So, consider these recommendations a framework, not a formula, and remember it's up to you, and the service you receive. Read More...

Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or automobile, heading to a resort, or sailing the Caribbean, the key to traveling with kids is to keep them comfortable and entertained, which in turn ensures a less stressful, dare we say enjoyable, travel experience for parents. Read More...



Becoming a Verified Travel Advisor requires fulfilling a rigorous set of requirements that provide a deep understanding of the industry and a strong skillset.  Our most recent Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) graduates epitomize the professionalism, expertise and ethics the VTA program is known for. Learn more about the VTA program.

  • Carolyn Olk, VTA

    Enterprise AL

  • Iris Salazar, VTA

    New York NY

  • Michelle Irvin, VTA

    Alabaster AL

  • Chip Wilson, VTA

    Mansfield TX

  • Bekah Eaton, VTA

    Birmingham AL

  • Letitia Michelle Smith, VTA

    Staten Island NY

  • Stephanie Parks, VTA

    Orlando FL

  • Candace Dupps, VTA

    Louisville KY

  • Stephen Sully, VTA

    Chelem, Yucatan

  • Darcie Bolton Weiser, VTA

    Arvada CO

  • Sandee Hughes, VTA

    New Orleans LA

  • Starr Wlodarski, VTA

    Perrysburg OH

  • Katherine Bear Rogers, VTA

    Mountain Brook, AL

  • Samuel Mony, VTA

    Newbury Park, CA

  • Dawn Howard-Williams, VTA

    Chicago IL

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