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ASTA promotes and defends the travel agency community at all levels of government and within every segment of the travel industry. Our advocacy team constantly tracks and fights regulatory and legislative threats that could negatively impact you and your clients and empowers you to effectively join our efforts.

Our advocacy team meets year-round with legislators and regulators to educate them about our industry and persuade them to support our initiatives, but we are much more effective when you—their constituents—are speaking out alongside us. ASTA is here to fight for you, but we can’t do it without your support. See how easy and rewarding it is to get involved. If you're not at the table, you're on the menu.



We’ve created an easy-to-use set of tools to empower you to augment our advocacy efforts efficiently and effectively. A simple effective first step is to sign up and respond to our advocacy alerts. This will enable you to speak out on critical issues with customizable, click-and-sign messages that we automatically route to your representatives.

If you decide you want to get involved in a more hands-on way by meeting in person or virtually with your state or federal officials, we’re here to help and we put the most persuasive facts and figures at your fingertips.

Advocacy Documents

Do you know how big the travel agency industry is in your state? What is the projected economic impact on the industry of pending legislation? Your federal and state representatives take your concerns seriously when they understand how important our industry is to their constituency and the potential effects of their decisions. Our fact sheets can answer these questions and more.

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Advocacy Video Library

Our advocacy video library is the place to learn about more about our work from elected officials, journalists, our advocacy team, and Legislative Day member-participants. If you’re thinking of attending Legislative Day. This is a great first stop.

ASTA Legislative Day 2022

Advocacy in a Millennial World Why Your Voice Matters

ASTA Legislative Day 2021




These grassroots initiatives are of vital importance to the travel agency community. We hope you'll take a few minutes to explore the issues and then add your voice to the cause. Simply enter your contact information into our customizable form and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Restore the Employee Retention Tax Credit

    The $550 billion infrastructure bill signed into law in November, 2021 included a number of cost “offsets” including a provision moving up the expiration date of the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) by one quarter. We have an opportunity to fix this.

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  • Support the Visit America Act

    The often conflicting pandemic restrictions and guidance against travel issued by different federal agencies highlight the scattered nature of federal oversight of the travel industry. This bill would address that by establishing an Assistant Secretary of Travel and Tourism.

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Testimony & Regulatory Filings

December 15 - ASTA to Congress re: Employee Retention Tax Credit/Congressional Adjournment

December 15 - ASTA to Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation re: S.3375, Omnibus Travel and Tourism Act of 2021

November 19 - Coalition Letter on Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Staffing

September 27 -  ASTA Comments to U.S. Department of Transportation on Ancillary Fee Refund Proposal

September 21 - ASTA to U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Tourism, Trade and Export Promotion re: Legislative Solutions to Revive Travel and Create Jobs

August 31 - ASTA to Senate Finance, House Ways & Means Committee re: ERTC Restoration

July 28 - ASTA Letter of Opposition to New Hampshire HB 15 (Hotel Occupancy Tax)

June 10 - ASTA-ACTA Letter on Restarting U.S.-Canada Travel

May 20 - ASTA Amicus Brief in State of Florida vs. Becerra et al case (CDC Cruise Restrictions)

May 3 - Coalition Letter on U.S.-U.K. Travel Restart

April 15 - ASTA to Minnesota Senate Finance Committee re: Tourism Relief Funding

April 14 - ASTA Comments on Department of Labor Proposal re: Withdrawal of Independent Contractor Rule

April 7 -  ASTA Letter to Jeffrey Zients WH COVID Response Team

March 29 - ASTA Letter to National Conference of State Legislatures re: American Rescue Plan Funds

March 29 -  ASTA Letter to National Governors Association re: American Rescue Plan Funds

March 25 - ASTA Letter of opposition to Texas HB 2889 (Hotel Occupancy Tax)

March 22 - Coalition Letter on International Travel Restart

March 10 - Coalition Letter on Digital Health Passport Standards

March 2 - ASTA Letter of Opposition to Montana SB 52 (Hotel Occupancy Tax)

March 1 - American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) – Requests for COVID Relief

February 26 - Hospitality and Commerce Job Recovery Act of 2021

February 24 - South Florida Travel Agency Leaders to Florida Congressional Delegation re: COVID Relief

February 9 - ASTA to CDC Director Walensky re Standards for Resuming Travel

February 8 - American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) – Requests for COVID Relief - February 2021

February 1 - Coalition Letter on COVID Liability Protections

February 1 - Coalition Letter on COVID Testing for Domestic Flights

January 27 - ASTA Letter of Opposition to New Hampshire HB 15 (Hotel Occupancy Tax)

January 26 - ASTA Letter of Opposition to Virginia SB 1398 (Hotel Occupancy Tax)

January 14 - ASTA to CDC Director Redfield re Jan 12 Testing Order

December 22 -  ASTA to President-Elect Biden re: 2021 Regulatory Priorities

December 9 - American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) - Request for COVID Relief

December 3 -  Coalition Letter on PPP Loan Deductibility

December 1 -  Coalition Letter on PPP Renewal, Deductibility & Forgiveness

October 26 - ASTA Comments on USDOL Proposal re: Independent Contractor Classification

October 22 -  Coalition Letter on Safe Alternatives to Travel Quarantines

October 14 - ASTA Letter to Governor Cuomo (NY) re: International Travel Quarantines

October 6 -  ASTA Letter to Congressional Leadership re: COVID Relief Priorities

October 1 - Coalition Letter Demanding Immediate Congressional Action on COVID Relief

September 21 - ASTA Comments on CDC Request for Information on Cruising

September 10 - Aviation Coalition Letter on Restarting International Travel

August 10 - ASTA Coronavirus Relief Priorities

August 5 - ASTA to Authorizing Committees re Ticket Agent Loans

June 9 - ASTA to CDC Director Redfield re Restarting Travel

May 29 - ASTA to Asst Secretary Risch re Passport Operations

May 27 - Coalition Coronavirus Liability Protection to Congress

May 26 - ASTA to Rep Rooney Thank You DOL Blacklist

May 15 - ASTA SBA PPP Filing

May 11 - ASTA to NY City Council re: Earned Safe and Sick Time Act

May 11 - Industry Liability Letter

April 14 - ASTA Coronavirus Relief Round 4 Request to Congress

March 31 - ASTA to Treasury Ticket Agent Loans

March 30 - ASTA to Treasury RE: Ticket Agent Loans

March 21 - Travel Agency Congressional Request Sign-On Letter

March 20 - ASTA to Congressional Leadership Coronavirus Response

March 19 - ASTA Coronavirus Relief Request to Congress

March 19 - ASTA to House Small Business Committee RE: Coronavirus Relief

March 19 - Aviation Coalition Coronavirus Relief Letter

March 10 - Jay Ellenby, Safe Harbors Business Travel Group (Bel Air, MD) Oral Testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Small Business

March 10 - Jay Ellenby, Safe Harbors Business Travel Group (Bel Air, MD) Written Testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Small Business

March 2 - Alvin Adriano, Travelwise International (Fort Washington, MD) Testimony before the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee

March 2 - Jay Ellenby, Safe Harbors Business Travel Group (Bel Air, MD) Testimony before the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee

Brochures and Annual Reports

ASTA's downloadable library includes brochures, annual reports and research reports including research conducted by ASTA and third-party studies commissioned by ASTA.  

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