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Introducing the new 'Find a Travel Advisor' on

Travelsense is moving to under our new 'Find a Travel Advisor' function

Our website,, recently received a much-needed upgrade.

The modern design and improved functionality, along with extensive work behind the scenes on search engine optimization, is already making it easier for consumers to find you via our travel advisor search tool. Our earned media gets the ASTA brand, and the value of a travel advisor, placed in top-tier media outlets globally. This drives robust consumer traffic to our website, making it essential for us to maintain a strong web presence and user-friendly site. 

Our original consumer-facing website,, is still in place. However, communicating two different brands to the traveling public is no longer efficient and doesn’t capitalize on all the earned media pointing to So, we’re migrating into

We believe this is the best way to serve you, our members, and to continue driving business leads your way. With so many more consumers finding our website, we are making it easier than ever for them to find you!

We’ll implement the change in a couple of steps:

Phase 1 (Complete): The “advanced search” and “find a travel advisor” directory will be redirected to the directories on

Phase 2 (January 31, 2023): will be decommissioned. The URL will still exist, but it will automatically redirect to

We know you’ll have questions, so we’ve tried to anticipate some of those:

What will happen to my profile on

Your profile is connected to your ASTA membership account. If your profile is accurate and updated, nothing will change. The same profile on is on

What will happen to my leads?

You will still have access to travel leads and can reply to trip quotes, just like before. This process is not changing!

Will I lose visibility?

No. The URL will still exist. We’ll have the benefit of driving all consumer traffic to ONE central homepage, in addition to capturing the traffic from anyone who visits after it is decommissioned. The URL will still be out there, the only difference is that it will redirect to The same functionality for searching for travel advisors will remain in place.

All our recent research indicates that consumer demand for leisure travel is strong and growing. These changes will help you capitalize on the increased demand and connect more easily with more customers. We hope you’ll take full advantage of this exclusive ASTA member benefit and use ASTA’s Find a Travel Advisor feature to grow your business.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call 800.ASK.ASTA (800.275.2782). Thank you for being a member and for letting us serve you!

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