Choosing a Travel Agent

New York Times' 4 Things to Know When Choosing a Travel Agent

With consumers looking to travel more than ever, New York Times gives the four things to know when choosing a travel advisor. 

How do you pick a travel agent?

That is exactly what Lauren Sloss of The New York Times set out to do when she talked to ASTA's own Erika Richter (among others). 

Finding the right adviser for you is “like finding a hairdresser,” said Richter, the senior communications director of ASTA, the American Society of Travel Advisors. “You want someone who understands your personal style.”

Sloss came up with four important points:

  • Begin your search close to home
  • Think about where you want to go
  • Consider their professional networks
  • Make sure your adviser understands your travel style

"Some important questions to ask," Sloss continued. "Do they charge a planning fee? What are some examples of trips that they’ve planned in the past?"

“Be really upfront about your budget for a trip, and be sure that that is something they can help you make the most of,” Ms. Richter said."

Read more at New York Times. 

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