AARP's 4 Reasons to Hire a Travel Agent

AARP listed four of the top reasons you need to hire a travel advisor for your next trip. 

It is no secret that the internet has made it possible to book your own trip anywhere in the world all on your own. So why hire a travel agent, you may ask?

Because, travel agents are still the experts.

"Busy people make mistakes," says Kathy Sudeikis of Acendas Vacations in suburban Kansas City, Kan. "They don't understand visa requirements. They aren't sure about the level of accommodations they book themselves." Having an expert in your corner can help you avoid those pitfalls."

This is what an advisor can do for you: 

  1. Save time 

  2. Save money 

  3. Address your specific needs 

  4. Solve your problems 


Of course, as AARP says, "Any agent you choose should be a member of ASTA (the American Society of Travel Advisors)."

Find an ASTA travel advisor for your next trip by filling out a trip quote request. 

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