A New Breed

of Travel Agents

A New Breed of Travel Agents

ASTA worked with CBS News to develop a piece on the "new breed" of travel agents.

The American Society of Travel Advisors conducted a survey that revealed almost half of travel advisors work from home. “Everything’s electronic right now. I have all the files on my computer. I don’t need to be sitting at a desk all day long.” said Jocelyn Suntag, retired attorney, now a work from home travel advisor. 

In order to compete with do-it-yourself internet bookings, travel advisors are becoming more specialized in all areas of travel. For example, Sherry Cavlyn sells cruises designed for cat lovers. 

There truly is an expert advisor out there for every specific travel dream you may have. 

“If you treat time like money, we’re your asset managers, and we’re really helping you get the most out of your leisure time.” says 20-year old travel agency owner, Rob Carp. 

The segment aired nationwide on all local CBS networks and streamed live online to 150 million viewers! In the past, you could find travel agents only in storefronts in towns and cities across America. Now, many travel advisors are working from home and becoming more specialized serve their clients better. 


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