Why Ethics Matter

Washington Post on Why Travel Industry’s Ethics Matter

Travelers see the ASTA logo and think, "we're safe."

What do ethics mean when it comes to the travel industry? 

Christopher Elliott of Washington Posttook a look at that very question and found what so many of us in the industry know to be true—outside of ASTA, the industry has very little when it comes to standards and practices with any real teeth.

Elliott was surprised to learn not only of ASTA's Verified Travel Advisor program, but also of our Code of Ethics. Although many other companies and sections of the industry have statements or documents around ethics, ASTA members are subject to real penalties when it comes to any bad actions which may harm consumers. 

“To consumers, the ASTA logo is synonymous with trust, and adding this course to our existing code of ethics will help drive that message home,” says Zane Kerby, president and chief executive of the ASTA.

Violators of ASTA's Code of Ethics are subject to losing their ASTA membership and being listed on ASTA's list of violators. 

Needless to say, Elliott came away impressed.

Read more at Washington Post.

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