Why Using a Travel Advisor Will Make Your

Vacations More Enjoyable

Why Using a Travel Advisor Will Make Your Vacations More Enjoyable

USA Today took a closer look at the extra perks, comfort and peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted travel advisor. 

Why work with a travel advisor?

Here at the American Society of Travel Advisors, we know the reasons are endless. Still, it’s good when media from outside our society do the work to highlight many of those reasons.

Christopher Elliott of USA Today (among other places) is a consumer advocate who fights tirelessly for the rights of customers. Over the years, Elliott has gained an appreciation for the travel advisor profession as they fight for their clients too.

In this article, Elliott says that having a travel advisor isn’t just a good idea, it will make your vacations more enjoyable!

“Welcome to the future of travel advisors,” said Elliott. “Yes, they can read your mind – or at least they'll try.”

Elliott walks through a number of great examples of when and how travel advisors give great service to their clients. He also talks about how to find a great travel advisor and mentions finding one who is a member of ASTA—great advice!

“Travel is more complex than ever,” said Elliott. “A few decades ago, for example, airlines offered just economy and business- or first-class options. Now there are dozens of options and extra fees. For travel products with more moving parts, like cruises or tours, it's easy to get lost.”

With a verified travel advisor, it’s more than saving time (although that is important). As Elliott points out, it’s actually about making the trip less stressful and, ultimately, more enjoyable in the process.


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