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A brand refresh highlights new immersive programs and advisor support that caters to a wide variety of consumer interests, budgets, and demographics, explains Camille Olivere, Chief Sales Officer.

Kayaking, painting workshops and flamenco dance classes are not what most people imagine when they think of guided tours. That’s why Globus family of brands (GFOB), a proud supporter of ASTA, is unveiling a reimagined consumer branding style. The brand refresh is designed to reflect its ever-more immersive and diverse product line. The expanded portfolio of experiential options provides something to suit every type of traveler. Not only is this exciting for Globus family of brands, it also provides great opportunities for travel advisors to position GFOB products in ways that engage and excite their customers.

At the same time, Globus’ enhanced Travel Agent Portal is designed to help travel advisors streamline and personalize their marketing, research, and booking processes with a wealth of customized resources and intuitive training tools. Here, Camille Olivere, Chief Sales Officer, Globus family of brands, shares the inspiration behind the company’s ground-breaking innovations.


Globus has made some buzz-worthy changes recently. Before we talk about those, can you provide a quick overview of Globus family of brands and what sets it apart?

Olivere: Sure. Our flagship Globus brand provides curated, guided tours that blend independent exploration with meticulously planned itineraries. For value-conscious adventurers, Cosmos offers high-quality tours without compromising on experience. And our Avalon Waterways river cruise line is redefining river travel with unconventional itineraries and revolutionary design features such as ‘Open-Air Balcony” and beds that face the view in our Panorama Suites to blur the line between the indoor and outdoor space.

Our portfolio of 500+ vacations spans more than 70 countries and is backed by nearly a century of travel planning expertise. From handpicked accommodations that capture the essence of a region to the insightful commentary of our seasoned, passionate guides, every detail is carefully vetted to enrich and engage our guests. Plus, our long-standing industry relationships around the world enable us to provide VIP access and elevated experiences not offered by other tour or cruise operators.


What drove the decision to refresh the Globus brand and how does this branding enhance the Globus identity?

Olivere: As part of our customer-centric approach to innovation, we continuously refine our offerings based on guest and travel advisor feedback and industry trends to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. While culture, history, and must-see landmarks still top our travelers’ wish lists, our guests increasingly seek off-the-beaten-path and authentic local experiences.

Each of our brands is constantly evolving to meet and exceed these expectations. Our exciting new branding captures the essence of what today’s travelers value most - immersive, worryfree, expertly crafted travel experiences with a modern twist that speaks to the diversity of our travelers, their interests, and the destinations we share.




What advantages does Globus’ evolving style of touring provide?

Olivere: Those who haven’t looked at our brands recently are usually surprised by the breadth and depth of experiences and niche-interest tours we offer. In addition to visiting iconic sites, our tours offer travelers access to hidden-treasure locales and authentic cultural experiences. Globus’ “Local Favorites” experiences, for example, invite guests to participate in the cultural heart of each destination, from practicing the art of Italian cooking with a local chef to learning regional dances like salsa and flamenco in Argentina or Spain. And the list goes on.

To meet the demand for personalization, Choice Touring by Globus has doubled the number of excursions included in our tours at no added cost. And our award-winning Avalon Waterways’ “Avalon Choice” program features classic, active, and cultural excursions and special-interest itineraries designed for unique passions and interests.

An important benefit of all GFOB trips is that travelers can fully focus on the joys of discovery and leave the logistics to us. Aside from the stress-free expert planning we provide, our guests also often save up to 30% over the cost of booking accommodations, transportation, guided excursions, meals, and extras on their own. When you compare the inclusions to personally booked travel, the value becomes clear.


Who is the target demographic for the Globus tour brand and how should advisors position the brand to their clients?

Olivere: Our brand messaging speaks directly to a variety of distinct travel styles, interests, and preferences. While every client is unique, all appreciate the hassle-free nature and value of Globus touring.

For baby boomer and mature clients, advisors may highlight the authentic experiences, ease, and comfort of traveling with Globus–along with hand-selected premium accommodations and a good balance between guided tours and free time.

Gen X and young working professionals tend to appreciate Globus tours’ cultural depth and authentic experiences with free time built into each itinerary. Combined with the hassle-free, seamless planning, Globus and Cosmos tours are a great fit for younger travelers.

Millennials and younger adults value our commitment to responsible tourism and sustainability practices, along with customizable and meaningful experiences. We’re always working to expand our sustainable travel initiatives via partnerships with local communities, conservation organizations, and eco-friendly practices to minimize our environmental footprint.


How does Globus family of brands support travel advisors?

Olivere: The recent unveiling of a reimagined trade message– “We’ve Got U”–reinforces our dedication to our trusted partnerships with advisors. We’re driving home the philosophy that without U, there is no Globus. We aim to educate, support, and inspire advisors as their partner in profit by empowering them with the training, tools, streamlined workflows, resources, and support systems they need to thrive. We understand that when travel advisors succeed, we all succeed.

Our new GFOB University on-line platform makes it easy to access in-depth training on destinations, products, sales strategies, and certifications–as well as advanced tools and technology to streamline travel advisor operations.

Our dedicated business development managers (BDMs) offer personalized support and insights to help advisors grow their businesses with expert support to assist with client presentations, group bookings, and marketing strategies. We also encourage advisors to experience our products first-hand by offering familiarization (FAM) trips, advisor discounts, and meaningful incentives and promotions to recognize their sales achievements.


Technology is reshaping the travel industry. Can you tell us about the latest tech advancements within the Globus family of brands?

Olivere: Technical advancements are crucial for advisors to stay competitive in the travel marketplace. So, we are constantly looking for ways to incorporate emerging tech tools to give advisors an edge with user-friendly and easily accessible resources on our Travel Advisor Portal. The integration of cutting-edge CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics allows advisors to book travel experiences in real time, manage client reservations, and access all necessary documentation effortlessly.

Advisors also have the capability to share co-branded itineraries to enhance personalized client communication across platforms, including e-mail and Facebook. The portal’s updated design and navigation provide a more intuitive user experience.

Cutting-edge marketing tools and resources are in the works too. Our improved marketing Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, The Source, is slated to roll out this summer, featuring a robust choice of customizable digital assets providing advisors with more personalized client communications. Working in concert with our advanced Travel Agent Portal, The Source is an invaluable tool to help advisors grow their businesses.

We are also revamping our Click-to-Connect Program to directly drive leads to our advisor community, and we plan to add more platforms for advisor collaboration, learning, and sharing. This includes virtual and in-person events, advisory boards, and enhanced communication channels to ensure advisors continue to have a strong voice in shaping the future of Globus family of brands.

Globus also provides clients with access to a wealth of information through our complimentary GO mobile apps, making it easy to tap into digital guides, maps, and local recommendations that enrich the travel experience even more while on tour.


Your new video that audiences can watch here, really makes people want to experience the kind of travel style that Globus provides. How can Travel Advisors leverage this video to inspire their clients and promote Globus vacations?

Olivere: The inspiration behind the video is definitely getting attention for its message, "Don't Just Experience the World, Tour It!”. Advisors can share this message of turning travelers from mere observers to active participants in the places we travel. By embedding the video link in emails or client newsletters, sharing on social media platforms with call-to-action captions, tags, and hashtags, or displaying in the advisor offices, travel expos, and client appreciation nights, advisors have a true conversation starter.


And finally, are there any misperceptions you’d like to clear up or anything you’d like to add?

Olivere: The biggest misconception about guided tours and river cruises is that they are only for older people. This couldn't be further from the truth!

Today's Globus tours cater to a wide range of interests, activity levels, and age groups. Similarly, Avalon Waterways is continually expanding its demographic reach and multi-generational appeal with included active and cultural experiences, from kayaking to hiking to painting workshops and culinary activities.

This exciting Globus brand refresh is our way of spreading the word about just how significant the evolution of touring and river cruising is to the ever-changing desires of modern travelers.

We invite travel advisors to tap into our new and powerful tools to effectively share the unmatched potential of their own business success as a partner in profit with Globus family of brands.

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