Sponsored Editorial -10 Unique Ways Nexion Travel Group Works for You

Whether you’re an experienced advisor, an agency owner managing a team, or a novice, Nexion Travel Group can help elevate your earnings, expertise and professional network. As one of the industry’s premier host travel agencies since 1995 and an ASTA Host Agency of the Year, Nexion is always finding new ways to support its members. Here are 10 exceptional ways Nexion stands out for its travel advisors:


1: Pocket top-tier earnings from your first sale: With Nexion, you earn top-tier commissions and attention from day one with no threshold sales targets to meet. Nexion’s far-reaching, high-reward, preferred supplier partnerships encompass 140+ air, cruise, land, hotel, car and insurance companies. Plus, Nexion has many commissionable domestic and international airline routes, thanks to 70+ air agreements.


2: Newbies earn while they learn: Nexion’s acclaimed NEXstart training quickly takes you from zero to hero. And because membership and training are a package deal, you’ll earn commission as you learn. As a Nexion member, you’ll receive a free consumer website customized with your branding and enticing promotions to drive bookings so you can rapidly be up and running.


3: No annual or hidden fees: Transparent pricing on monthly membership plans with no annual, transaction or hidden fees make it easy to select the best plan for your needs. Are you booking high volumes? Consider a plan with a basic monthly fee where you bank 100% of commission earned. Just starting out? A no-fee, commission-split plan could work best for you. And if you step up or cut back your bookings, switching among plans is easy.


4: Immersive FAM Trips. A fun and effective way to boost your sales is to take advantage of deeply discounted trips offered by cruise lines, tour operators, hotels and other preferred travel partners. Nexion’s suppliers are eager to share insider tips and insights and have you experience their products and help you sell them with passion and confidence.


5: Business development and education: From the acclaimed Roadmap to Success Nexion University with tracks for all levels of advisor experience to complimentary webinars and regional events, Nexion has the training you need to grow. And nothing beats the excitement, inspiration, networking and learning opportunities of the annual CoNexion conference.


6: Support for your business, your way. With Nexion, you define your brand and are an independent entrepreneur. The sole mission as a host agency is to support your business needs. Nexion’s technology streamlines your marketing and operations and lets you work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. They have your back and are 100% invested in your success.


7: A diverse synergistic community. When you join Nexion, you are welcomed into a community known for its supportive culture and camaraderie. The diverse backgrounds and ethnicities of travel advisors, customers, and staff promotes creativity and innovation, and Nexion’s formalized peer-to-peer mentorships, networking groups, and popular online social community fosters ongoing collaboration.


8: Business-building supplier partnerships. Do you want to increase your bookings with a particular brand or in a specific niche like cruise or family travel? Because Nexion’s travel partners view you as key to their success, you’ll often receive invitations to live and online training in their products and target markets, and access to useful marketing tools and attention-grabbing deals.


9:  Solutions for the multi-advisor agency. Nexion provides multi-advisor agencies with the marketing muscle to showcase the latest travel offers and the value of booking with you and your advisors while its back-office solutions free you to focus on big picture strategies and selling. Plus, Nexion’s unique training programs let you efficiently bring new subagents on board.


10: Training and tools for corporate travel. Nexion has access to corporate training and the invitation only Corporate CoNexions event sets advisors up for success in this fast-growing, in-demand niche. Ongoing support includes tools for ticketing, operations and fulfillment, and access to an expert team to help handle complex ticketing transactions. You’ll also receive occasional surprise-and-delight benefits for you or your clients such as bonus commissions, discounts, special waivers and VIP perks.


Nexion prides itself on the breadth and quality of its tools and services, as well as the commitment of staff to the success of all members, and the strong sense of community throughout the organization. For more information, visit  https://nexion.com/get-started-today/.


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