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Becoming a Verified Travel Advisor requires fulfilling a rigorous set of requirements that provide a deep understanding of the industry and a strong skillset.  Our most recent Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) graduates epitomize the professionalism, expertise and ethics the VTA program is known for. Learn more about the VTA program.

  • Elsa Davis, VTA

    Lambertville NJ

  • Starr Baines, VTA

    Colorado Springs CO

  • Susan Neukirch, VTA

    Austin TX

  • Amber Pietan, VTA

    North Mankato MN

  • Dr. Jasmien Lewis, VTA

    Cleveland OH

  • Desiree Jones, VTA

    Los Angeles CA

  • Cheryl Jones, VTA

    Clinton MS

  • Nadia Sparkle Henry VTA

    West Orange NJ

  • Mary Ryberg, VTA

    Virginia Beach VA

  • Amy Freyder, VTA

    Irvine CA

  • Juliet Huddy, VTA

    Huntington NY

  • Yvonne Sala, VTA

    Herndon VA

  • Janice Sakata-Schultze, VTA

    Golden CO

  • Monique Stinson, VTA

    Katy TX

  • Adam Gilbert, VTA

    Jersey City NJ

  • Cinnamon Broceaux, VTA

    Sarasota FL

  • Blythe Asagi, VTA

    Belmont CA

  • Alicen Stoker, VTA

    Roswell GA

  • Darby Savasta, VTA

    Mansfield MA

  • Sandra Johnson, VTA

    Lexington SC

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