Making the Most of Your

ASTA Membership

5 Steps to Making the Most of Your ASTA Membership

So, you joined ASTA. Now what?

“How do you make the most of membership?" This is the most common question that is asked by both new and tenured members. The answer may be a little different for each member because it truly depends on your area of professional focus and how long you have been in the industry.  

However, there are a few simple steps that any ASTA member can take to ensure they’re accessing the most crucial benefits of ASTA. The following list is what the ASTA membership team feels is the most important.  

Download the ASTA logo

Under the resources tab on you can find the ASTA logo to download and use on your business cards, on your agency web site, marketing materials and even your email signature. This lets your current and future clients know that you are a member of your trade association. 

Complete your ASTA profile

Make sure you fill out your personal profile and upload a headshot. Your member profile appears on Consumers can request trip quotes and search for travel advisors by location and expertise. 

Connect with your local chapter president

This is an opportunity to make local connections and attend events around your area where you can meet local supplier partners.  

Register for an ASTA event

Whether this is our annual Global Convention, our Legislative Day, or an Educational Journey; ASTA gives you an opportunity to increase your industry and destination knowledge. 

Enroll in the Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) program

This program is comprised of nine courses developed by ASTA's in-house experts and outside business and industry professionals. VTA members gain the expertise and in-demand skills needed to enhance their business and career.  

This is just simple guide for all ASTA members, but as many of you know, there are far more opportunities to available to enhance your membership. If you have questions, please contact Andrea Caulfield, Senior Manager of membership at and I will be happy to walk you through these items. 

— Written By: Andrea Caulfield



Becoming a Verified Travel Advisor requires fulfilling a rigorous set of requirements that provide a deep understanding of the industry and a strong skillset.  Our most recent Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) graduates epitomize the professionalism, expertise and ethics the VTA program is known for. Learn more about the VTA program.

  • Debine Lutz, VTA

    New Bern NC

  • Kevin McCormack, VTA

    Huntley IL

  • Christina Schlegel, VTA

    Arlington VA

  • Julie Prusak, VTA

    Austin TX

  • Cheryl Jones, VTA

    Clinton MS

  • Desiree Jones, VTA

    Los Angeles CA

  • Tracy Whipple, VTA

    Deforest WI

  • Paula Rowe, VTA

    Ider AL

  • Yvonne Sala, VTA

    Herndon VA

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