Christie Costello

Christie Costello


Rancho Cucamonga, CA

United States


I know it is difficult to make time for a vacation these days. We're all so busy. And with the complexities of travel options and information overload, it can be so overwhelming to try to plan an amazing trip. That's where my team and I come in. We are big nerds who love this stuff. Details, research, spreadsheets, planning, phone calls, and negotiating...we live for it. We love to listen to your needs (and wants!) and develop a plan for you, taking care of every little detail. My own passion for travel began as a kid. My family moved around a lot, and I had to adapt to new places quickly. As I got older, I learned more about different cultures. I enjoy being a student of culture and growing my cultural intelligence (CQ). I especially like going to places very different from my home, meeting the people, trying the food. My type of dream adventure might not be everyone's. But when I plan for you, I plan with you in mind. What types of things do you love to do? What limitations do you have? What have been your favorite vacation experiences? What has gone wrong that we want steer clear of? I find joy in the creation of a journey that exceeds your expectations and becomes the new "best trip" you've ever taken...every time! Let's plan something amazing and unforgettable together! And then, you will get to kick back and relax, knowing that you are in good hands.





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