ASTA, the world's leading association of travel professionals, is the leading global advocate for travel advisors, the travel industry and the traveling public. Our work encompasses every aspect of the travel experience.

Senior Staff

  • Zane Kerby, MBA
    President, CEO
  • Peter Lobasso
    Senior Vice President, General Counsel
  • Mark Meader
    Senior Vice President, Industry Affairs and Education
  • Elizabeth Henry
    Vice President, Finance
  • Jessica Klement
    Vice President, Advocacy
  • Sarah Little
    Vice President, Business Development
  • Erika Richter
    Vice President, Communications


  • Alvin Adriano
    Director, Industry Affairs
  • Pam Bonin
    Director, Strategic Member Partnerships
  • Andrea Caulfield
    Director, Membership
  • Summer Corbitt
    Director, Business Development
  • Michelle Mueller
    Director, Creative Services
  • Jasmine Causey
    Director, Chapter Relations
  • Greg Davis
    Director, Finance/Accounting
  • Rob Fleming, CiA
    Director, Information Technology
  • Michael Schottey
    Director, Communications
  • Hayley Anhalt
  • Tonya Richardson
    Staff Accountant, Finance
  • Lou Altobelli
    Manager, Advocacy
  • Netra Venson-Magruder
    Manager, Human Resources
  • Mackenzie Drehoff
    Manager, Events
  • Jason Boeckman
    Manager, Marketing
  • Lewis Nobles
    Coordinator, Business Development
  • Erin Hulscher
    Coordinator, Business Development
  • Emma Curran
    Coordinator, Events
  • Alannah Royall
    Coordinator, Membership
  • Meagan Norton
    Coordinator, Communications
  • Gwendolyn Lane
    Coordinator, Chapter Relations
American Society of Travel Advisors

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