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Travelers Willing to Spend More on Travel, Value the Skills and Knowledge of Travel Advisors

Despite concerns about rising costs, travelers remain committed to spending more on travel, traveling overseas and are increasingly looking to travel advisors to plan their next trip.   


Alexandria, VA—New data from the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) shows travelers are increasingly looking to travel advisors to book their next trip, with 30% of member advisors saying that over half of their clients are working with a travel advisor for the first time. In addition, over two-thirds of advisors are saying their clients are more likely to travel to an international destination than last year, while 43% say that their clients are more likely to travel to an exotic or “bucket-list” destination. 

“These numbers are positive and bear out what we hear from our members almost every single day,” said Zane Kerby, President and CEO of the American Society of Travel Advisors. “Business is booming, and travel advisors continue to be a vital part of the travel industry. Advisors continue to bring their clients elevated experiences, peace of mind and unmatched customer service. Those will never go out of style.” 

In 2018, ASTA rebranded from “American Society of Travel Agents” and encouraged the use of the term “travel advisor” to emphasize the professional service element of the profession over a transactional relationship. Recent data shows that change is resonating with travel consumers, with over 50% of advisors reporting that their clients are more likely to pay professional fees and over half of advisors charge those fees based on research, consultation, planning, ticketing, or flat fees. The majority of those advisors who charge fees charge between $100-$300.  

81% of travel advisors have reported an increase in sales from last year.  

Other Key Findings: 

  • Sales for ocean cruising are on a positive trajectory, showing promising growth into 2024. 90% of travel advisors sell ocean cruises. And of those travel advisors, 70% have ocean cruise bookings well into 2024.  
  • 46.7% of travel advisors have clients booked on river cruises in 2024. 
  • 86.8% of travel advisors fear flight delays and cancellations will affect client’s travel plans, more so than inflation and the rise of cost to travel. 
  • Top destinations travel advisors are selling include Europe, Caribbean, and Alaska. Alaska surpasses Mexico and Hawaii on top North American destinations booked by travel advisors. Top European countries booked by travel advisors: Italy, France, United Kingdom. Top Caribbean islands booked by travel advisors: Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico.   



Rebranded in 2018 as the American Society of Travel Advisors, ASTA is the leading global advocate for travel advisors, the travel industry and the traveling public. Its members represent 80 percent of all travel sold in the United States through the travel agency distribution channel. Together with hundreds of internationally-based members, ASTA’s history of industry advocacy traces back to its founding in 1931 when it launched with the mission to facilitate the business of selling travel through effective representation, shared knowledge and the enhancement of professionalism. For more information about the Society, visit our mission statement.  




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