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Advisor Credo

What separates an ASTA travel advisor from the pack is a set of core beliefs, a CREDO.

The ASTA Travel Advisor Credo complements our mission statement and the code of ethics all ASTA members follow. This statement of beliefs encompasses who we are and the principles that guide our profession and our organization.


August 2, 2022

  1. ASTA member travel advisors are globally recognized for their skill, competence, expertise, and professionalism in an increasingly complex travel ecosystem.  
  2. ASTA member advisors continuously increase their skills and knowledge with educational resources and certifications. 
  3. All ASTA members abide by the ASTA Code of Ethics, giving consumers confidence that they’re working with a true professional. 
  4. ASTA travel advisors often charge clients professional fees, to reflect the value of the unique services they provide to their clients. We support this as a best practice.


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