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Member Access to Enrollment Information and Coverage Options

Note: This is not a group plan. Membership does not guarantee eligibility. Product availability, rates, and eligibility vary by state, individual circumstances, and insurance companies' guidelines.

Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible to participate in the ASTA association health program?

ASTA members, their family members, and employees in 38 states are eligible to obtain coverage through the association program.

What is the advantage of purchasing health insurance through ASTA’s association program?

Due to economies of scale and superior bargaining power with the insurance providers, insurance purchased through an association program will in many cases be available at a lower cost than what is obtainable individually.

What kind of health insurance plans are sold through ASTA’s association program?

Our vendor contracts with insurance providers who offer our members Preferred Provider Organization, or “PPO” plans, one of the most popular kinds in the individual and family market. PPO plans allow insureds to access whatever in-network physician or healthcare provider they wish without the need to first obtain a referral from a primary care physician. Some coverage for out-of-network care is also provided, though at a lower rate.

How much can one expect to save by obtaining coverage through the association’s program?

As the monthly premium associated with any particular health insurance offering will necessarily depend on a number of variables, for example, the insured’s state of residence, the type of plan and the desired level of coverage, it is not possible to forecast any specific savings one may realize. While for that reason it may not be representative, our members have reported savings of between 10% and 40% as compared with their prior insurance coverage.

How does an ASTA member agency owner obtain insurance for its W-2 employees?

The agency owner may inquire regarding coverage for all of his or her employees through the online link. Before doing so, however, it will be necessary to verify that all employees for whom coverage is desired are listed as agency employees in ASTA’s database. Once that step is completed, our vendor’s representative will be able to assist with a quote.

May an ASTA member agency obtain coverage through the association program for any 1099 independent contractors it engages?

No; coverage is available only to an agency’s W-2 employees. However, contractors who wish to obtain insurance through the program are eligible to participate directly if they become ASTA members.

Do I have to be an ASTA member to access additional information or to see the rates?

Yes. As noted, access to the insurance offerings, and the right to participate in the program, are exclusive ASTA member-only benefits. Moreover, because each person’s situation is different, the available coverage options and premiums will necessarily differ among our members. For this reason, it is impractical to provide general information concerning rates. That aside, however, there are many reasons why every travel professional should be an ASTA member. A list of the other valuable benefits and information on how to join can be found here.

In which twelve states is insurance coverage not currently available through the association program?

Coverage is not currently available in Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

Why is health insurance under the association program not available in those twelve states?

All health insurance, including that offered through an association health program, is regulated under both federal and state law. In the states where we are unable to offer coverage through our vendor, it is because there is a legal restriction in effect which prevents us from doing so.

Is it possible that coverage may be offered in one or more of these states in the future?

Yes. In the event that there is favorable change in state law that results in a legal restriction being removed, our vendor will make the coverage available to members in that state within six months of the effective date of the change in the law.

Are other types of insurance available through ASTA as well?

Yes. ASTA members may also purchase through our vendor other types of insurance coverage, including dental, vision, disability, life, accident and long-term care insurance, as well as Medicare supplements.

Member Access to Enrollment Information and Coverage Options

Health Insurance for ASTA members




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