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The foregoing principles are not limited to cases of agency involving only the sale of real estate. In the case of a contest over the right to commissions on the sale of insurance policies, a court ha ...

Fortunately, relatively few travel advisors experience a fire, flood or other natural disaster in their office. For the few that do fall victim to such unfortunate occurrences, the results can be deva ...

Protect your travel insurance revenue stream by asking Governor Jay Nixon to approve travel insurance deregulation legislation... ...

ASTA and the United States Travel Insurance Association (USTIA) are working together to advocate that the insurance commissioners change the costly and fragmented regulatory compliance regimes that so ...

Reviewing the 3 benefits of offering travel insurance - customer protection, agency protection and increased revenue - this guide summarizes the major types of travel insurance coverage as well as lim ...

Arizonas travel insurance deregulation bill (HB2560) died in the Senate last night. ...

Thank you to everyone who responded to our legislative action alert on travel insurance earlier this year! ...

Under a newly enacted Cuban law, foreigners traveling to the island will need to purchase a travel insurance policy to cover medical expenses incurred during their sojourn in Cuba... ...

It is not possible to develop a list of insurance policies that are needed by every travel advisor without carefully analyzing the specific needs of each. For example, some agencies rent office space ...

Trip cancellation coverage is generally considered to be a "named peril" type policy, meaning that only those perils that are named in the policy are covered. ...

Displaying 1 to 10 of 79 records

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A: I started my business from scratch, completely independent and with basically no industry network. Through ASTA, I...
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