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  • Home-Based advisor Technologies: Computer Software — May 17, 2019
    The software you will need as a home-based travel agent will start with basic needs of any home-office.

  • Future-Proofing Your Travel Business: Understanding Climate Change and What You Can Do — May 13, 2019
    Join presenters from the Adventure Travel Trade Association in this practical and informative session about climate change and how your travel business can implement in climate action strategies. Developing a climate strategy is not only good for the environment, but travel companies will find it resonates with consumers and could be good for business. Recent research indicates that two thirds of consumers worldwide now make purchase decisions based on their beliefs while 60 percent believe that brands should make it easier to see what their values and positions on important issues are when they are about to make a purchase. Travel companies will take away practical ideas for actions they can take for the benefit of the environment, while educating and inspiring guests to action themselves.

  • Home-Based advisor Technologies: Computer Hardware — May 6, 2019
    The hardest decision you will make in picking a computer for your home-office is the choice between a laptop and a desktop. You may also want to consider both. If you only want one computer and desire mobility (working during seminars, FAM trips, etc.), then a laptop is required. If working on the road is not desirable, a desktop may be all that you need.

  • Interpretations of the advisor Reporting Agreement — May 6, 2019
    The purpose of this chapter is to explain certain provisions of the advisor Reporting Agreement, the meaning of which has resulted in confusion among travel agents. This page also contains a summary of key decisions of the Travel advisor Arbiter interpreting the Agreement in areas other than ticket security. See also: ARC, IATAN & Other Industry Organizations for rules on ticket security.

  • Legal Issues Involved in the Operation of a Web Site — May 6, 2019
    While the Internet may seem like a place without rules and boundaries, that is not the case; the law that applies offline also applies online. This section is intended as an introduction to some of the legal issues that have arisen online and how the legal system is currently dealing with those issues. Online law or cyberspace law is a rapidly-changing area and we will attempt to keep this online chapter of ASTA’s Travel advisor Manual as current as possible.

  • Glossary of Terms — May 6, 2019
    The Travel agent Arbiter Program is headquartered at 1952 Gallows Road, Suite 302, Vienna, VA 22182. The Arbiter's office has complete indexes of all its decisions. The cases summarized here are those that ASTA feels may be of particular value as guidance to members.

  • Other ARC General Qualifications and Classifications — May 6, 2019
    If you are applying as a full-service travel agency, you must be "freely accessible" to the public. For example, you can be located on the premises of a corporate client or government base, as long as the public has free access to your offices. There must be a sign or other public notice indicating that your agency is located on the premises.

  • Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) — May 6, 2019
    ARC coordinates three functions that add considerable efficiency to the way airlines and travel agents do business.

  • Instructions for Filing Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC) Claim Form — May 2, 2019
    This claim form is for the purpose of making a claim for payment from the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. It is the form you need in order to request payment from the restitution fund for transportation or travel services that you as a passenger paid for but did not receive. In order to file a claim, the refund due to you from the travel seller against whom your claim is made must be $50 or greater.

  • Sample Disclosure Language — May 2, 2019
    For Use by All Sellers of Travel Revised As of January 1, 1999 Based on the California Seller of Travel Law


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