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ASTA’s E-Library provides access to resources created specifically for ASTA members. Utilize our extensive and easy-to-use database to search hundreds of reference documents, guides, white papers, business articles, legal documents and other industry resources to help save you time and money.


Newly Added Resources

  • Diving into Mexico’s Biodiversity — November 13, 2018
    *Description: Mexico is one of the most megadiverse countries of the world. Although the Mexican territory represents only 1% of the earth's surface, it hosts more than 10% of the world's biological diversity. Hear from Javier Aranda of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board about Mexico’s biodiversity and how the country is truly a World Of Its Own.

  • ASTA Member Logo Artwork — November 8, 2018
    ASTA members are able to download and use the ASTA logo.

  • ASTA Premium Logo Artwork — November 8, 2018
    Premium members have the ability to download and use logos which are displayed for their use.

  • Liability Case Law - NY — November 5, 2018
    The law with respect to a travel agent's responsibility in the event of another's failure to provide the client with travel services is probably best developed in New York.

  • Protecting Your Travel Business: Legal Issues Regarding the Use of Independent Advisors — November 5, 2018
    This analysis provides guidelines for determining whether the government will view a travel-agency worker as an independent contractor or as an employee. It will also familiarize agents with some of the pertinent state and federal laws. Premium members receive expanded and analyses of state agency and contractor laws and a sample contractor agreement.

  • Discover Mexico’s Hidden Gems — October 22, 2018
    Mexico has long been a top destination where travelers have come to know and love the sun and beaches, culture, landscapes. and gastronomy. But there are many lesser known, hidden gems in Mexico. This webinar will explore some of Mexico’s best-kept secrets beyond the all-inclusive resorts. Learn about all that Mexico’s hidden gems have to offer from archaeological treasures to jungle adventures and white sand beaches.

  • How to Find/Market to the Luxury Customer — October 19, 2018
    Learn about what makes Silversea the most unique Luxury Experience at Sea and where to find your next Silversea guest.

  • Glasgow – Gateway to Scotland — October 17, 2018
    Join Steven and Gemma from Glasgow Airport to hear what makes Glasgow a must visit destination and the perfect starting point for a trip around Scotland!

  • Hawai‘i’s Unique Experiences ( Webinar- ASTA SBN) — October 16, 2018
    With a 98% visitor satisfaction rate, there’s no place on earth quite like the Hawaiian Islands. Six unique islands. Six unique experiences. Upon completion of this webinar, the travel advisor will develop a deeper appreciation for Hawai‘i’s culture and age-old traditions. The advisor will also be able to differentiate each of the six major islands, what they offer, and how to pair a client type with an island. The travel trade website will also be featured as an important tool to promote and sell the islands.

  • Special Needs Group: Expanding your Reach and Value with a HIGHLY Desirable Client Demographic (Webinar) — October 10, 2018
    This webinar will introduce you to and educate you on how important it is to understand the special needs demographic and the opportunities that exist to add them to your client database.


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