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ASTA’s E-Library provides access to resources created specifically for ASTA members. Utilize our extensive and easy-to-use database to search hundreds of reference documents, guides, white papers, business articles, legal documents and other industry resources to help save you time and money.


Newly Added Resources

  • Make the Most of your ASTA Membership — September 11, 2020
    You’re new to ASTA and probably thinking, “I’m a member, now what?” Join the ASTA membership team for this interactive webinar that will get you acclimated to your membership. We will show you how to maximize your ASTA affiliation, showing you how to navigate the resources, tools and programs that are now at your fingertips. We want to make this as personal and as relevant as possible so don’t be surprised if we ask you a few questions about yourself and your agency.

  • Template Contract Addendum — August 24, 2020
    LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE: ASTA owns the federal copyrights in the information which appears in this document. A member in good standing may use the information in connection with its business activities and may share it with the member’s management and staff.

  • Contract Addendum (Hold Harmless and Right to Commission) — August 21, 2020
    LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE: ASTA owns the federal copyrights in the information which appears in this document. A member in good standing may use the information in connection with its business activities and may share it with the member’s management and staff.

  • Health Insurance — August 11, 2020
    ASTA is proud to announce that it has entered into a partnership to offer health insurance as an exclusive member benefit. Members, their families and their employees in 39 states are eligible for coverage. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this program.

  • Amadeus & NDC – Moving forward! — August 7, 2020
    So, has COVID-19 impacted NDC? Is NDC at a standstill? Or is the industry finding out about even more opportunities due to all the disruptions of the past few months? Over the last years, NDC has been a key strategic priority for the travel industry, and it continues to be, particularly during these challenging times. Now more than ever, efficient servicing is key and it’s clear that we need a strong industry-wide collaboration to deliver on travelers’ needs of today and tomorrow. Find out how we are driving NDC forward and how to prepare for the future as we navigate through COVID-19 and beyond. Why Attend? • Understand the leading initiatives Amadeus is taking to drive NDC adoption at scale • Find out how travel sellers can activate Amadeus NDC solutions for their business • Hear how travel sellers and airlines have progressed on their NDC journeys • Get your questions answered!

  • Sample Agency Service Fee Agreement — July 22, 2020
    This template document is a resource for agencies and advisors who charge their clients travel planning or similar service fees but for whatever reason don't already have a written agreement in place to memorialize the parties' understanding.

  • Unlock More with Expedia TAAP — July 8, 2020
    Join Expedia as they walk you through the Expedia TAAP program. With this program, you will learn how to find best deals for your customers and how you can earn more as travel advisors. Also if you haven’t signed up for TAAP yet, make sure to do so by visiting there landing page.

  • American Airlines Presents: Recovering together post Covid-19 — July 8, 2020
    American Airlines will share their “Commitment to Clean”, green shoot markets, and Covid-19 promotions to help grow your book of business.

  • What you Need to Know about Hilton in this Changing Environment — June 24, 2020
    On demand viewing for the June Make the Most of Your Membership webinar. You can use the same copy as the March upload for the June description. It occurred June 10th. You can find the video and powerpoint on the shared drive under asta webinars.

  • A Story of Human Determination to Restore Relive and Rejoice — June 18, 2020
    Get a taste of Saxony's rich history with Saxony Tourism Consultant, Shireesh Sharma. Learn where and why the Nutcracker was born, what the Audi logo stands for, what brought down the Berlin Wall to unify East and West Germany and much more. Experience the art, culture and music capital of Germany and see why this should be on your client's bucket list.


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