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Allied Member of the Year Award

ASTA's Allied Member Award was introduced in 1986 at the ASTA's conference in Singapore. This Award recognizes the value of the Society's Allied membership. It is awarded to a person that has made significant contributions to travel, which have favorably affected the domestic or international travel industry community. Representation can come from all segments of the Allied community.

Candidates for the Allied Member of the Year Award must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to be nominated:

  • The individual must have been an ASTA member for at least 1 year.
  • The individual must have worked in the travel industry for at least 10 years (can be domestic or international supplier).
  • The individual cannot be a current officer of ASTA.

Past Recipients

2011 - Chris Kroeger
2010 - Julius Robinson
2009 - Cynthia Perry
2008 - Chris Austin
2000's 2006 - Dan Hanrahan 2007 - Adam Goldstien
2005 - Donna Flora, CTC 2004 - Bob Gilbert
2003 - Bob Thunell, Scarlete Pelfrey 2002 - Michael Maino
2001 - Imad Khalidi 2000 - Pamela C. Wright, CTC
1990's 1999 - Bob Dickinson, CTC 1998 - Felix Bieger, Cam Usher
1997 - Richard James 1996 - Bill Kaufman
1995 - James Murphy 1994 - Kirk Lanterman
1993 - Roger Chase 1992 - Michael S. Egan
1991 - W. Whitley Hawkins 1990 - Warren S. Titus
1980's 1989 - John B. A. Meredith 1988 - Randall Malin
1987 - James Montgomery 1986 - John P. Bland

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