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Chapter Awards

While Chapters may, at first glance, seem far afield from our central mission as a trade organization, they are in fact one of our best resources for engagement, awareness and distribution of association benefits. ASTA Chapters are charged with meeting the needs of their members, members of the association, and members of the larger community in which they operate.

Hundreds chapter events, trade show and workshops are held annually. Chapter volunteers put in hundreds of hours to lobby, meet and networking with state legislative all for the betterment of the travel agent industry.  

We proudly recognized the following ASTA Chapters:

Chapter of the Year Award 2013: For the ASTA chapters that have led the pack in terms of meetings/events, new member recruitment and retention.

• Great Lakes Chapter, represented by Chapter President JoAnne Verboom
• Southern California Chapter, represented by Chapter President Pamela Irwin, CTC, CTA

ASTA Chapters of the Year 2013

Chapter Advocacy Award 2013: For the Chapter that has gone above and beyond in its support of ASTA’s advocacy efforts, including ASTAPAC fundraising, grassroots lobbying and new member recruitment.

• ASTA Midwest Chapter, represented by Chapter President Jorge Sanchez

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