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Our industry was out in force yesterday at the California Senate Appropriations committee hearing on Assembly Bill (AB) 5, which would disrupt the business model of travel agencies engaging independent contractors (ICs) to sell travel in California and beyond. A total of 14 California travel advisors and agency executives testified in favor of exempting our industry from the bill's provisions, including ASTA board members Brian Chapin (Ensemble) and Betsy Geiser (Uniglobe) as well as Trudy Flores (TravelStore), Steve Orens (Plaza Travel), Anita Pagliasso (Ticket to Travel) and others. During the hearing, committee Vice-Chair Senator Pat Bates noted her district office met with a large group of advisors during the recent ASTA-CCTO Day of Action and said: "You have done an excellent job in advocating for your position."

The committee has until August 30 to approve the bill, so now is a critical time to maintain pressure on California senators, especially those on this committee. If you live in California and haven't contacted your senator yet, please do so today through ASTA's grassroots portal below. Thank you!

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