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Think about what you look for when you're deciding on the perfect travel destination. Is it rich history? Cultural experiences? Lots of delicious food or shopping opportunities? Comfortable and unique places to stay? Or, perhaps, you just want to go somewhere with truly breathtaking views...

Thank you to the following companies for joining the ASTA community in October 2018! Interested in joining, click here for more information.


Advantage Services

Explore Plus Holidays


La Won Kuday Company Limited (Myanmar)

TravelPro Vacation Rentals by RedAwning (United States)

Afshan Family Travels & Tour Co, LTD (Myanmar)

Feel Armenia (Fairyland LLC)(Armenia)

Mandalay Wave Travels & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

Vencha Travel & Tours Company Limited (Tanzania, United Republic)

Agency Technology

(United States)

Global United Esales ApS (Denmark)

Multipoint Travels & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

Viet Ventures (Vietnam)

Bless Gate Travels & Tours Company Limited 


Great Seven Stars Travels & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

La Won Kuday Company Limited(Myanmar)

Wall Street Chauffeurs (United Kingdom)

Center of Universe Travel & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

Greatest Peace (Myanmar)

New Golden Big Kettle Travels & Tours (Myanmar)

Win Winner Travels & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

Classical City Travel & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

Green Pearls Travel & Tours (Myanmar)

Onyx CenterSource

(United States)

www.jetaway.com.gh (Ghana)

Cosmopolitan Travel Service (United States)

Hallow Land Travels  & Tours Co., Ltd (Myanmar)

Pleasure Travels & Tours Company Limited 

Yangon Garden Travels Service Company Ltd. (Myanmar)

Curated Greece (Greece)

 Helper Travels & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

Safir Tours Pty Ltd (Australia)

ZAIN Travels & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

DIA Libre Viajes SL (Spain)

Hiiliye Travel and Umrah Service (Norway)

Sahara Travels and Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

Zam Zam Travels & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

DITIB Türkisch Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religion e.V. (Germany)

Holy Black Stone Travels & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

San Juan Water Beach Club Hotel (Puerto Rico)

Essor Ltd (Secret Food Tours)

(United Kingdom)

Holy Treasure Land Travels & Tours Co.,Ltd (Myanmar)

Spectrum Travel & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

Exoticca Travel US Co, Inc. (United States)

Innocent Man Travel Company LTD (Myanmar)

The Royal Life Travels & Tours Company Limited (Myanmar)

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