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Regional Directors

ASTA has six (6) Regional Directors, each of whom presides over a specified region of the ASTA Chapter network. These volunteer Regional Directors are ASTA ambassadors and act as mentors for the ASTA Chapter Presidents, providing guidance on running a successful chapter program to serve the membership and to advance ASTA’s mission to promote and defend the entire travel agency community.

Each of the six (6) positions is filled by the vote of the chapter presidents in the geographic region in which the candidate resides and seeks to represent. In order to maintain continuity of leadership the six (6) positions will serve staggered terms of office so that four (4) Regional Directors are elected in even-numbered years and two (2) Area Directors are elected in odd-numbered years.

A member seeking to become a Regional Director candidate should send a letter of intent to ASTA Headquarters ( between June 4 and June 14 by 5:00pm ET.


What are the responsibilities of a Regional Director?

  • Act as the primary communication liaison between ASTA staff and the Chapter Presidents to, among other things, discuss membership and revenue growth opportunities
  • Monitor the budget for each chapter, ensuring fundraising goals are met and funds are spent according to ASTA policy
  • Hold quarterly conference calls/meetings with Chapter Presidents
  • Act as a mentor, facilitator, and guide to the Chapter Presidents
  • Identify potential new supplier partners for the chapters
  • Serves on the Chapter Presidents’ Council Executive Board.                                                                          

Who is qualified to be a candidate?

To be eligible for a Regional Director position, candidates must be an active member of ASTA in good standing and either a current chapter president in the region which he or she seeks to represent or a past chapter president. In the case of a past president, he or she need not have served as president in the same geographic area which he or she now seeks to represent.

How long is the term of office?

The Regional Directors shall serve a maximum of two terms of two years each. Each Regional Director is also a member of the Chapter Presidents’ Council for the duration of his or her term of office as a Regional Director.

Which Regional Directors serve on the National Board of Directors?

Three (3) Regional Directors shall serve on the Board of Directors and will be determined by

 a run-off election among the successful candidates. Eligible Chapter Presidents will cast a vote to determine the three (3) Regional Directors to serve on the ASTA National Board of Directors.

How many terms can a National Director serve? 

Regional Directors may serve only two terms—consecutive or not—in the same office, exclusive of any partial term served before completing a full term.  After the expiration of three (3) years from the end of the second term served, the member may run for election to two (2) additional terms.

Questions about the Regional Director position should be directed to

ASTA Chapter Regions






North CentralNortheastNorthwest
Central Atlantic Connecticut (SBN) Denver
Central Ohio (SBN) Delaware Valley Greater Portland
Eastern Maryland (SBN) Long Island Greater Seattle
Great Lakes Long Island (SBN) Northern California
Illinois (SBN)  Maine Pacific Northwest
Midwest New England (SBN) Sacramento (SBN)
Northern Virginia (SBN) New Jersey San Francisco Bay Area (SBN
Ohio New York City Utah
Richmond (SBN) New York City (SBN)  
S.E. Michigan (SBN) Northern New England  
Upper Midwest Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands  
  South New England  
  Staten Island (SBN)  
  Suffolk County (SBN)  
South CentralSoutheastSouthwest
Austin  Alabama   Arizona
 DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Atlanta   Arizona (SBN)
Houston   Central and North Florida   Central California
Mid-Michigan Charlotte  Hawai'i
Missouri/Kansas Jacksonville Inland Empire
North Texas Raleigh Los Angeles
St Louis South Carolina Orange County
  South Florida Orange County (SBN)
  South Florida (SBN) San Diego
  Southwest Florida (SBN) Southern California
  Tampa Bay (SBN)  

*(SBN) – Small Business Network – A former NACTA chapter that was integrated into the ASTA Chapter network and focuses on serving the small business owner.

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