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2015 NY ASTA Chapter Secretary Election

Joann Costagliola

Title:     agent

Agency Name: Paradise Travel

City, State Brooklyn N.Y.

Telephone: (718)232-9561

Fax: 718 232-9561

Email: traveljoann@gmail.com

Agency Information and Involvement

Number of Years in the Travel Agency Business: 23yrs

Time Currently Spent on Agency Business:

Full Time (35 hours or more) ____ Part Time _Independent Contractor_

Agency Related Responsibilities: All Bookings

Agency Consortium Affiliation, if any: Travelsavers

ASTA National and Chapter Involvement

Years of ASTA Membership: 17yrs

Chapter: New York City Chapter

Chapter Positions Held: V.P. Brooklyn & Staten Island

National Positions Held: N/A

Other Service and Participation: Membership Chair New York City Chapter

Other Leadership Roles

served as philanthropic chair for 4174 Club of New York

served as publicity agent for TABS

Campaign Statement

I have been a travel professional since 1992 and an ASTA member since 1998. I had my own agency for 10 years,and now work as a Independent Contractor for Paradise Travel specializing in groups cruises FITS air/land/sea vacations

I am a current member of New York City ASTA Chapter, 4174 Club of New

York(professional women travel organization), SKAL TABS (Brooklyn & Staten Island agents) I served on the Board of 4174 and held the position of philanthropic chair

I also served on the board of TABS as publicity chair I am currently on the board of New York City Chapter as V.P. Brooklyn & Staten Island I Have attended all board meeting as well as chapter meeting I have been to all ADE and most recently Morocco and am register for the AGC in Washington D.C. I am looking forward to serving as Secretary on the Board of New York City Chapter and continue to assist in steering us to a bright future.




Jack D. Tillem

Jack Tillem

Title: Chairman

Agency Name: Hillside Travel, Inc.

City, State Hicksville, NY

Telephone: (516)822-6370

Fax: 516 827-1918

Email: jdtillem@optononline.net

Agency Information and Involvement:

Number of Years in the Travel Agency Business:  47 years

Time Currently Spent on Agency Business: 

Full Time (35 hours or more) ____  Part Time __x___

Agency Related Responsibilities:   Administration, Finance, Human Resources

Agency Consortium Affiliation, if any: ENSEMBLE

ASTA National and Chapter Involvement 

Years of ASTA Membership:  43

Chapter:  NYASTA

Chapter Positions Held: President, Vice President, Secretary

National Positions Held:  Director and Chair of the President’s Council (CPC)

Other Service and Participation:  Various National and NYASTA committees over the      years including legislative, education and legal.

Other Leadership Roles

 Past president of Plainview- Old Bethpage Board of Education

Campaign Statement

I am seeking re-election to the position on NYASTA Secretary, a position which I have held for the past two years.

With no false modesty, I think I have done the job well. Whether taking the minutes at NYASTA Board meetings or assisting with obtaining venues and programs for our meetings - or as you have no doubt noticed – as gatekeeper at the meetings taking your checks at the door, I’ve always been there for whatever assignments come my way. And I cannot help but recall those years when we were really still hoping to save airline commissions, my picketing at LaGuardia Airport on behalf of all travel agents, chanting the slogan: “Without a travel agent, you’re on your own!”

After four decades of service to National ASTA and NYASTA,  I’d like to believe I should be permitted to serve out my last two years as Secretary of NYASTA.

Thank you for your consideration.

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