ASTA Applauds Suppliers Who Pay Timely

Commission Payments

Supporting Travel Advisors and Their Businesses is Important to the Travel Industry

We recognize these suppliers for timeliness of commission payments within 30 days of the published, contracted date set by the supplier for final payment and the payment is made in full.* We encourage all suppliers to adopt this practice. 

* The stated timeline generally does not apply to group bookings or for commissionable ancillary products or services. Commission payments made to host agencies and other intermediaries may be withheld according to the intermediary’s own policies. This statement is endorsed by ASTA's Consortium Council.  



Thank You to These ASTA Supplier Members for Leading the Way

The following list of ASTA member suppliers have shown their commitment to the travel agency and advisor community by paying commissions in a timely fashion, as outlined above. Please note that only those suppliers that require prepayment for travel services appear on the list; hotels and car rental companies typically do not and, as such, are excluded.

If you are a supplier member of ASTA, have adopted the above best practice, and would like to be included on this list, please email ASTA at



Thank you to our consortium partners for their leadership!


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