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ASTA is the industry’s only professional trade association that represents, educates and promotes the entire travel industry so you can focus on what is most important – your business.

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When you become a member, we will keep you informed, protect your business and provide you with the tools and resources to be successful. Our extensive member network includes small, mid-sized and large travel agencies and their travel agents; independent and home-based agents; and suppliers of travel-related products and services. Now is the time to invest in your future.


What Others Say About ASTA

"Any travel agent can make Travelsense [ASTA's consumer website] a powerful lead generation tool. Travelsense was actually one of the main factors in our consideration for joining ASTA. It’s a really great benefit [of belonging to ASTA] that I think agents need to take advantage of.”

Nathan DePetris, PRIDE Travel, San Pedro, CA


 “Our operations staff will appreciate having access to a clear and concise document that makes sense of many complicated issues and requirements.”

Suzanne Newman, Director Account Development, LUXE Travel


We tell our clients that “without an agent, you’re on your own.” As a travel professional, I honestly feel that without ASTA I would be on my own. There are industry issues that can’t be solved in a chat room or forum. I rely on ASTA to be the eyes and ears on all fronts so that I can concentrate on doing what I do best: selling travel.

Heather Dolstra, CTC, Democracy Travel, Inc., Washington, DC

New U.S. Members

Guido Adelfio, Bethesda Travel Center, Bethesda, MD
Paula Broxterman, Simply Travel, LLC, Silver Lake, KS
Ashton Burrows, Vacation Superstore Network Inc D/b/a Best Price Cruises & Tours, Port Saint Lucie, FL
Christine Carlson, Allegiant Travel Company, Las Vegas, NV
Bitsy Clayton, Cadence, La Jolla, CA
Stephanie Diaz, Vacation Superstore Network Inc D/b/a Best Price Cruises & Tours, Port Saint Lucie, FL
John Diaz, Vacation Superstore Network Inc D/b/a Best Price Cruises & Tours, Port Saint Lucie, FL
Linda Gage-White, My Cruise Travel Agent LLC, Shreveport, LA
Anne Holm, TCU Travel, South Bend, IN
Hari Karki, The Dilli Travel, West Haven, CT
Susan Morley, Journeys Around the World an Independant Affiliate of CADENCE, Flagstaff, AZ
David Porter, The Roaming Boomers, Scottsdale, AZ

New Domestic Companies

Oriental Tours, Las Vegas, NV
Allegiant Travel Company, Las Vegas, NV

New Supplier Members

Easy Visa Consultants Private Limited, Chandigarh, India


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