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As an established travel professional, you have acquired knowledge through your work experience and continued education. ASTA provides professional education activities and courses that focus on the latest trends and research. Stay current on travel issues right from your computer with this unique courses.

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To accompany this year’s Regulatory Compliance Handbook, ASTA has released an education course that can be easily administered to your front line agents to ensure your company’s compliance. As an ASTA member, you and your staff will receive a significant course discount, visit to get your discount code.

Travel Agency Regulatory Compliance Course

Visit ASTA's Online Training Center and start your personalized training.

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Becoming a Travel Agent

Becoming a Travel AgentDoes travel to places like Hong Kong, Machu Picchu, London, Rome and Morocco sound good to you? Would you like to dine in quaint little restaurants along the Seine or wander down ancient alleys in Istanbul? If so, becoming a travel agent is a great career choice for you.

Find out more about becoming a travel agent.

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Top Education Material

Becoming a Travel Agent [PDF]
The Oprah Winfrey show episode "Happiest Jobs in America" revealed that travel agents are among the happiest professionals in America.

This.... Purchase

Travel Agents Guide to Airline Bankruptcies [PDF]
This guide summarizes the applicable consequences of the airline bankruptcy process, and provide suggestions on how you can protect your customers, as.... Purchase

Family Travel Specialist [PDF]
ASTA Home Study Course - Family Travel (PDF) The family travel market is growing and diversifying. This course takes a focused look at the different .... Purchase


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