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ASTA’s E-Library provides access to resources created specifically for ASTA members. Utilize our extensive and easy-to-use database to search hundreds of reference documents, guides, white papers, business articles, legal documents and other industry resources to help save you time and money.


Newly Added Resources

  • ASTA Global Convention 2015 — July 16, 2015
    CAPITOL-IZING ON SUCCESS! Learn everything you need to know to make this year’s ASTA Global Convention (AGC) work for you. We’ll walk you through the pre-show “bonus” events scheduled for Friday Aug. 28.

  • ASTAPAC Update — July 16, 2015
    It’s almost the end of the second quarter, and ASTAPAC has been hard at work for you! Join us on July 9th as we cover the status of ASTAPC in our mid-year review. Erika Richter, ASTA’s PAC Manager, will also offers strategies for growing your Chapter’s PAC contributions.

  • Nezasa: The easiest way of creating and selling tailor-made itineraries — July 16, 2015
    We give travel agents a tool to easily plan and book tailor-made itineraries, as well as a marketplace with content from many high-quality inbound tour operators (DMCs).

  • Credit Card Chip Technology is Here – Are You Impacted and Ready? — June 25, 2015
    Credit card companies and retailers are moving to new “chip card” standards in the U.S. in preparation for a “liability shift”. Impacted ASTA members should ensure they have upgraded credit card readers and software to those that can read chip cards.

  • Better Messaging Using the Results from "Traveler Decision Making" Research — May 18, 2015
    Insights into how consumers see travel and the value they see and using travel agents.

  • Tripwing – Member Benefit for ASTA Members — May 11, 2015
    Tripwing is a revolutionary travel technology startup focused on helping travel agents become more efficient and professional.

  • ASTAPAC – Political Influence for Travel Agents — April 28, 2015
    Decisions are being made every day in Washington, D.C. and in state legislatures that will have an immediate and tangible impact on ASTA members’ bottom lines and the way they run their businesses.

  • Traveler Decision Making: what motivates consumers to travel and to use agents — April 28, 2015
    Exclusive member-only overview of ASTA's 2015 consumer study?. Understand better why travelers chose one type of trip over another and why they use an agent for some trips and not for others. This is essential information for communicating with current and potential clients.

  • 2015 Traveler Decision Making Study — April 16, 2015
    Learning how consumers decide on the type of trips they take was a primary goal of the study. Much detail is including in the report on how they make travel decisions...

  • Travel Agents: Get More from Your ASTA Membership — April 15, 2015
    Whether you’ve been a member of ASTA for two years, twenty years or you are finally ready to make the commitment, this webinar will deep dive into how to make the most of your ASTA Membership.


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