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ASTA’s E-Library provides access to resources created specifically for ASTA members. Utilize our extensive and easy-to-use database to search hundreds of reference documents, guides, white papers, business articles, legal documents and other industry resources to help save you time and money.


Newly Added Resources

  • Hotel Free WiFi Policies — March 16, 2015
    To help you understand the nuances of these offers, ASTA has created an analytical chart of each hotel company’s free wifi/Internet offer. This chart also breaks out the brands within each hotel company’s portfolio that are and are not impacted by the new policies.

  • U.S. Travel to Cuba: 2015 and Beyond — March 13, 2015
    Big changes are afoot in Cuba travel! In December 2014, President Obama announced an historic agreement between the U.S. and Cuban governments to ease long-standing restrictions on trade and other interactions between the two countries, including those preventing American citizens from travelling to Cuba.

  • ASTA Legislative Day 2015 – Planning and Training for Attendees — March 11, 2015
    Make the most of your conversations on Capitol Hill! If you’re planning to join ASTA HQ in Washington, DC for Legislative Day take some time to prepare.

  • ASTA’s 2015 U.S. Travel Agency Regulatory Compliance Handbook — March 11, 2015
    ASTA’s 2015 U.S. Travel Agency Regulatory Compliance Handbook is a plain-English white paper that explains the major federal statutes and regulations that directly impact travel agents.

  • 2014 Labor & Compensation Report — March 6, 2015
    This study finds an increasing issue for many travel agencies is the ability to hire new employees.

  • Avalon Waterways 2016 — February 19, 2015
    An Early Look at Avalon Waterways 2016 with Current Trends and Promotions to Help You Sell More Avalon Waterways Today.

  • Travel Insurance 101 — February 19, 2015
    Travel insurance can protect your clients from all the unexpected situations they may encounter.

  • The Experts Agree: Specialization is the Key to Your Success! — January 15, 2015
    ASTA Destination Expo 2015, Feb 26 - March 1, 2015, is designed to help you make the connections you need to become a much sought-after Morocco travel expert.

  • Airline Commission Grid — January 13, 2015
    Airline commissions as listed in the carriers' Direct Reference System (DRS) files for U.S. based agents, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • Alaska Railroad for the “Inside Track:” what’s new in 2015 — January 12, 2015
    Heather Dudick, Alaska Railroad’s Passenger Sales Manager, presents the Inside Track Alaska Rail Specialist: your ticket to learning about the many ways your clients can explore Alaska by rail, and greater commissions for you.


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