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ASTA Operational Excellence through Benchmarking

Navigating your way to increased profitability

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Imagine learning that you are spending far more on IT or phone service than similarly sized travel agencies Or that you could significantly raise your marketing outreach at no additional cost These are just some of the insights that agencies participating in this program have used to tweak operations and boost their success

At this time, the program is not taking new participants 
For more information, please call 800-ASKASTA or email

The ASTA Operational Excellence through Benchmarking program is designed to help small businesses work on their business, not in their business. Powered by TAMS (Travel Agency Management Solutions) in partnership with ASTA, this unique and private group will allow you to gain exclusive insights and knowledge about agency operations and assessments to help navigate your own business to higher profitability and greater success.

Enrollment Fee

The enrollment fee for 2021 is $999
To enroll in the program, contact ASTA Headquarters at 800-ASKASTA or email
Note: ASTA is not taking new enrollments at this time.

What to expect

You will be part of an in-person group of owners and managers of similarly situated agencies that will help you navigate your way to increased profitability and greater success. Quarterly operating reports and consulting are prime components of the program. Additionally, by participating you will also receive ten recertification credits in the ASTA Verified Travel Advisor Certification (VTA) program.

Engaging in an in-depth dialogue with your peers in a private setting on subject matters that are most impactful to your business and bottom line, you'll share insightful best practices, solutions and creative ways to manage your business during these sessions; collectively we will tackle issues that may be keeping you awake at night.

Through a series of closed meetings with up to 25 individuals from companies like yours, you'll be a part of a peer group that holds each other accountable to work smarter not harder. These sessions are limited to ASTA members only. Guests and suppliers are not permitted to participate.

Benchmarking means finding out who is the best in an area, studying how they work, and adopting the best practices that are suitable to your own organization.”
~ Dew, J. & Nearing, M (2004), Continuous Quality Improvement in Higher Education

Prior to the session, you will be asked to upload specific company data to our TAMS’ database and prior to the start of that first meeting, you'll be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect the confidentiality of your and other participants' businesses while allowing participants to freely share their information only within your closed group.

The morning of every session includes an open discussion that will allow participants to briefly explain the "going ons" at their business. We discuss anything, and everything related to running an effective business. Maybe your marketing campaign isn't receiving the engagement you expected, or your website isn't getting the traffic you hoped for or, or maybe you have a human resources matter that you’re not sure how to handle. We'll touch base on everything—literally—that’s on your mind and the minds of all participants – confidentially.

In the afternoon, we will break from discussions and idea-sharing and transition to an in-depth analysis of the data and numbers we collected from all prior to the meeting. Reviewing the numbers in aggregate and individually is when the “ah-ha” moments happen as you learn about the nuances that have helped others succeed and may soon help you.

Why participate?

Based on that famous cliché, "Work Smarter, Not Harder", we all want to live in a world where we can expect more. Benchmarking helps companies like yours identify opportunities for improvement. It also provides insight into what makes a travel agency business successful. Benchmarking is a sensible exercise allowing you to see where you match up against your competition. There are many benefits to participating in a benchmarking program:

  • Revealing performance gaps or specific areas of opportunity you didn't know existed 
 Learning the "outside the box" solutions for profitable growth
 Creating a healthy mindset for continuous improvement
 Helping you manage your business’ priorities

If you are a full-time owner and seller of travel, this program is for you.
This includes you, the independent contractor, who may be a small business owner as well.

What about confidentiality?

We take confidentiality seriously. Your data will not be shared or used in any way outside of this program. As mentioned above, we have a non-disclosure agreement that must be signed so we can share our successes in a safe and private environment.

What is TAMs?

TAMs (Travel Agency Management Solutions) is a financial and operational data analysis, benchmarking and networking service that allows travel agencies to review and compare operating data during a face-to-face small peer group.


What travel professionals are saying about the value of this benchmarketing program...

"TAMS benchmarking has been instrumental to our growth and success in the 10+ years we have been a member. Since joining, our company has more than doubled in sales and the number of people we employ. When you can openly collaborate with other business owners about challenges and best practices, ideas and information flow and an entirely new perspective forms. It brings everyone up to this higher standard. I see other TAMS members as the best of the travel industry because of their commitment to their own businesses and the industry as a whole." 
~ Tiffany Hines, President & CEO Global Escapes, Travel with Friends

"Without being a member of TAMS for the last 26 years, I would not still own my agency. They have kept "my feet to the fire" when running my business in this ever-changing industry. TAMS members know what is happening in the industry before many other agencies
~ Jeanne President, Bayside Travel

"When I joined the family business 8 years ago, part of the agreement was that I participate in TAMS meetings. Little did I know that TAMS and my TAMS family would be an integral part of the growth in our business. TAMS brings together similar agencies from all over the country to share best practices, support one another, challenge, and lend a shoulder to cry when things aren’t going so well. TAMS cuts through the fluff and unveils the hard financial facts of our businesses. I truly believe that our business would not be as successful and focused as it is today without TAMS. My TAMS group is more than a people I meet with a few times a year, they are my friends, my family, and my biggest supporters." 
~ Jamie Jones Chief Operating Officer WhirlAway Travel®

For more information, please call 800-ASKASTA or email


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