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ASTA’s Business Integrity & Ethical Standards Course

Designed to address the key ethical issues impacting travel consultants including agency relationships, fiduciary duties, legal compliance, and dispute resolution. The Business Integrity & Ethical Standards course includes a 60 page handbook, instructional video and a 40 question knowledge test.

Don't worry. You got this, plus you will have multiple attempts to pass the test. 

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ASTA is committed to training all of our member advisors on the regulations that impact them and their businesses. The member significantly discounted member price above is at the lowest price we can offer. 

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Why a Course on Ethics?

A fair question to ask is why a course on ethics is needed if ASTA has its own Code of Ethics with which its members are (or at least should be) already familiar. The answer is that there are several good reasons why a more extensive review of ethics is beneficial, if not essential.  

First, it is important to recognize that the Code of Ethics is only the framework, a starting point to guide your decision-making from an ethical standpoint. In other words, the Code is the beginning of the ethics discussion, rather than the end.  

Second, the Code cannot and, frankly, was not intended to answer every ethical question that could conceivably arise in the course of a member’s business. To the contrary, ASTA acknowledges that there are invariably “gray areas” in which members will need to decide for themselves which course of action among the available options best reflects ASTA’s standard of member conduct. This course will give members the tools they need to arrive at these answers on their own.   

Third, we believe undertaking an in-depth study of ethics that is specifically tailored to the travel agency community will provide our members with the necessary context for evaluating their current business practices. Members completing the course will therefore be in a better position to not only verify the correctness of what they are already doing, but perhaps also to identify one or more areas where changes might be advisable.

It is ASTA’s hope that participating in this course will not only increase members’ awareness of key ethical issues but also foster greater discussion of these issues among our membership, thereby stimulating an ongoing ethics dialogue within the travel agency community. Input from members about ethical issues in our industry is welcome and may lead to changes reflected in future editions of the Handbook.

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