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Please submit response(s) to the following questions through the portal below and label by topic:
• Experience planning a trip for a solo traveler: How did you help the client plan a trip suitable for one person? Any unique details from the trip? Did any of your clients find love while traveling?
• Experience with planning off-the-beaten-path trips: Any particular countries that are good for the adventure seeker? The foodie?
• Experience extending corporate travel for leisure purposes: Any cities that are best for extending a business trip? What would you recommend the client do in said destination when they only have a couple days?
• Experience planning wellness vacations: Is this a trend you are seeing lately? Have you planned a vacation where this was a priority for your client? Are there any resorts or hotels that cater specifically to this niche?
• Travel horror stories: Have you had anything negative happen to a client while traveling (hotel walks them, expired passport, etc.) and how did you help save the vacation?
• Experience planning honeymoons in the off-season: Do you see this being a trend? Any examples of a honeymoon you planned in the Fall/Winter—what was the destination? What activities did you plan?
• Travel forms/quizzes: Do you give your clients a quiz or clever form to figure out what kind of traveler they are? Any clients come to you with a vision in mind and you ended up planning something totally different? What was the outcome?
• Fall/Winter trip ideas: What types of vacations are you seeing or planning through the end of the year? What warm-weather activities/destinations do you recommend to keep summer going year-round?


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