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ASTA offers a wide variety of publications to assist members with their agency management and professional development. Publications include in-depth industry White Papers and Research reports. Most of these publications are available only to ASTA members, a select few are also available for sale through the ASTA Store.

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2013 Financial Benchmarking Report
ASTA's Financial Benchmarking covers agency sales, revenue, expenses, and profits. It also examines ratios related to productivity and yield.

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2014 Independent Agents Report
The 2014 Independent Agents report covers business operations and demographics on the Independent Agent segment.

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White Papers

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Review of NCFs White Paper Members Only - Please Login  — October 15, 2014
ASTA explains the nuances of the federal tax code as it relates to this category of deductible business expenses. It also provides members with general guidance on legitimate deductibility of As an advocate of the travel agency industry, ASTA has prepared this white paper to help its members understand the role Non-Commissionable Fares (NCFs) play in cruise sales both historically and currently.

ASTA’s 2014 U.S. Travel Agency Regulatory Compliance Handbook Members Only - Please Login  — March 4, 2014
This handbook explains the major federal statutes and regulations that directly impact travel agents. The 2014 handbook also contains new guidance on the Hazardous Materials Rule, which all agents must follow effective Jan. 1, 2015.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards and Travel Agents Members Only - Please Login  — March 1, 2013
What are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and how does it apply to travel agents. Plus resources for ensuring that your travel business is PCI compliant

Travel Agents Guide to Travel Insurance Members Only - Please Login  — February 15, 2013
Reviewing the 3 benefits of offering travel insurance - customer protection, agency protection and increased revenue - this guide summarizes the major types of travel insurance coverage as well as limitations, gives tips for choosing a travel insurance provider, and provides important cautions for agents implementing or reviewing their travel insurance program.

Travel Agent’s Guide to Copyrights Members Only - Please Login  — February 5, 2013
The Internet makes it extremely easy to copy and reuse. This guide explains the laws associated with reuse and how to legally obtain materials for your professional use.

ASTA's U.S. Travel Agency Regulatory Compliance Handbook Members Only - Please Login  — January 29, 2013
This white paper explains in plain-English the major federal statutes and regulations that directly impact travel agents. It not only outlines a travel agency’s obligation with each rule, but also provides supplemental guidance that ASTA has obtained directly from DOT in response to concerns expressed by members.

ASTA's Guide to Debit Memos Members Only - Please Login  — January 14, 2013
ASTA's Guide to Debit Memos provides tips for preventing and responding to airline debit memos. Debit memo management is an important component of the travel agency business and is discussed in detail in this document, including recommended steps for responding to debit memos, sample response text for the most common types of debits, tips for preventing debit memos and frequently asked questions. Click on the link below to access this valuable resource.

Chapter Meetings Toolkit Members Only - Please Login  — October 18, 2012
Meetings and events are very important components of the chapter experience. This toolkit was developed to give chapters a few guidelines for developing a successful event.


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